Life changes unexpectedly for the good and sometimes for the bad.

My mom fell last night possibly due to her cane getting stuck on the carpet and in the process of trying to fall on her “better” knee, she fell back and hit her “bad” knee(that she just had surgery on) and it caused the stitches to rip open. This was a first for the doctor who did her knee replacement. After going to see her other doctor about it, he stapled it closed temporarily and she is now in a hospital room awaiting yet another surgery tomorrow around or after noon. The doctor wants to go in there, clean it out really well as to avoid any infections and then restitch it up closed. After the surgery, she will have to remain up there 2-3 days again. My mom hates having to be up at the hospital…who likes to be up there, right? : (

So later today I will be up there before, during and afterwards for awhile to make sure everything goes well. Since her Dr. already has a few regularly scheduled surgeries, my mom’s will be when he gets done with them. So it could happen quickly OR it could take forever, who knows? But since I will be away up there for who knows how long, I am doing my post for today super early. As in right after midnight of the day before.

Whoever feels the need to send prayers or good wishes, feel free to! They are ALWAYS appreciated.

I also found out yesterday that my Nanny saw her Dr. about the pain she had been having in her ribs since she fell over a week ago. They took X-rays and turns out she has 7 broken ribs. OUCH! Because of her age, it’s too much of a risk to do surgery on her so she will just have to suffer through it until she is healed. She will be sore for awhile. Poor Nanny! : (

Good news is our area just got some much, much needed rain that we have lacked in a long time! We also had a Tornado Warning though…so far I haven’t heard any reports of a tornado hurting anyone so I pray everyone around my area was safe. Our apartments still have lights and we are all safe here but I do have some friends that lost power tonight. I hope their power is able to be turned back on soon.

Thank God for protecting my friends and family from this storm. Thank God that even though my Nanny has some broken bones, the damage wasn’t even worse and she’s still around to bless me with her love. And Thank God that even though my mom’s stitches were torn, nothing else on her was broken or anything and my dad was there with her. Thank God for small miracles because when life changes for worse unexpectedly, the small miracles are what you have to grip tightly on to. The small miracles and the small moments of happiness help you get by.


  1. I am sososo sorry Sharon! Bless your big heart. I thought I had a lot going on. Emotionally you have it way worse. I pray in Jesus name that the new surgery goes well and that healing be quick. This has to be the most stressful thing and so sudden. If you need a friend please email me xoxo 🙂


    1. There was a time whenever something bad happened in my life, that I would always try to consider worse circumstances out there so I could really realize that it could always be worse. But then I got to the point where I started feeling guilty for being sad at ALL because there are people out there that DO have it worse. Then my husband’s step mom pointed out to me that just because someone else might be going through something that appears to be a harder circumstance doesn’t mean that YOUR situation is any less than what it is. YOUR own personal situation is still hard for you to have to go through and while we have to avoid being down in the dumps ALL the time and only thinking about what all is going bad in our lives, we also have to realize the immensity of our own problems. Our problems are OURS and each one is just as hard to US and we shouldn’t just brush that aside. Take the time to grieve over your own struggles too…


      1. And Thanks for the prayers, Jackie! It means a lot to know that people out there who I have never met in real life care enough to take the time to pray for my family.


  2. Sharon, you are so right…. so wise in saying that each of us has a situation that could be worse than someone else’s. Each of us handle stress differently. I know that without God, I would not be here today. I was a single mom with little help and working three jobs for 11 years. I am still trying to get child support from my ex and it’s 16 years after the divorce. Then I have another issue which I cannot talk about until I deal with it, it’s nothing too big. I will tell you after more information comes in to me.


  3. Sending prayers and blessings your way…for your mom, Nanny and for all of us too. It’s been a tough year around for many and we do need God’s grace in all things.
    Be blessed,


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