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{April 25, 2011}   Life…Unexpected

Life changes unexpectedly for the good and sometimes for the bad.

My mom fell last night possibly due to her cane getting stuck on the carpet and in the process of trying to fall on her “better” knee, she fell back and hit her “bad” knee(that she just had surgery on) and it caused the stitches to rip open. This was a first for the doctor who did her knee replacement. After going to see her other doctor about it, he stapled it closed temporarily and she is now in a hospital room awaiting yet another surgery tomorrow around or after noon. The doctor wants to go in there, clean it out really well as to avoid any infections and then restitch it up closed. After the surgery, she will have to remain up there 2-3 days again. My mom hates having to be up at the hospital…who likes to be up there, right? : (

So later today I will be up there before, during and afterwards for awhile to make sure everything goes well. Since her Dr. already has a few regularly scheduled surgeries, my mom’s will be when he gets done with them. So it could happen quickly OR it could take forever, who knows? But since I will be away up there for who knows how long, I am doing my post for today super early. As in right after midnight of the day before.

Whoever feels the need to send prayers or good wishes, feel free to! They are ALWAYS appreciated.

I also found out yesterday that my Nanny saw her Dr. about the pain she had been having in her ribs since she fell over a week ago. They took X-rays and turns out she has 7 broken ribs. OUCH! Because of her age, it’s too much of a risk to do surgery on her so she will just have to suffer through it until she is healed. She will be sore for awhile. Poor Nanny! : (

Good news is our area just got some much, much needed rain that we have lacked in a long time! We also had a Tornado Warning though…so far I haven’t heard any reports of a tornado hurting anyone so I pray everyone around my area was safe. Our apartments still have lights and we are all safe here but I do have some friends that lost power tonight. I hope their power is able to be turned back on soon.

Thank God for protecting my friends and family from this storm. Thank God that even though my Nanny has some broken bones, the damage wasn’t even worse and she’s still around to bless me with her love. And Thank God that even though my mom’s stitches were torn, nothing else on her was broken or anything and my dad was there with her. Thank God for small miracles because when life changes for worse unexpectedly, the small miracles are what you have to grip tightly on to. The small miracles and the small moments of happiness help you get by.

{April 25, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:ONE

When I think of ONE, I think of how there’s no other word I can think of to describe being solo or alONE and yet at the same time also describe being united or including everyONE. The word “One” can be described as the loneliest number when you are speaking of just ONE person or an individual but when you are speaking in terms of us all being “Unified as ONE”, it suddenly becomes not so lonely anymore….

I also think of marriage because what better example of unity? Marriage involves 2 people coming together as one. The two are still separate beings with their own personalities but they are agreeing to become one couple, united in love and trust. I didn’t take this picture obviously but it was the first picture I thought of for this challenge.

Our first kiss as husband and wife-2 become ONE

This wonderful picture was taken by my husband’s step mom who is an awesome photographer, brilliant writer and sweet woman all around. 🙂

When I think of ONE, I also think of how just ONE person can make a difference. I think that is so true, just look around you and see the wonders around you that were created by ONE person. All our inventions and cures for illnesses….Of course, this world we live in was created by ONE person. God.

When you think of ONE in that way,  I could pick almost any picture and attribute it as fitting to this challenge. But here are some other pictures I have taken that I found fitting.

One solitary moth

One kitty free with your purchase of kitty litter?

One stop sign that failed to stop a hurricane 😦

One optical illusion

One curled up puppy named Angel

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