I guess my middle name really should be changed to “Random” because my posts have been very much just THAT lately.

As much as my husband hates and despises it and calls it nothing but trash, I admit that I LOVE watching 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom on MTV. I’ve watched it from the very beginning. Why? I never personally experienced being pregnant as a teen so I find it interesting to see what it’s truly like for the ones who did. And OK, I also like the idea of getting to almost “spy” on a different life style, see what it’s like and get away with it. Am I the only one that is like that?

Well, awhile back, I read somewhere (I don’t remember exactly where) about how these shows were becoming very controversial because teens were TRYING to get pregnant so they could try to get on them. I guess it’s the old “Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame”, right? I thought about this claim and I have to say, it seems rather likely. I believe some people would do anything to be famous, so it makes sense. BUT TV also glorifies a lot of other things that people might want to mimic to try to become famous as well. And let’s face it, these days, what AREN’T they doing a show about?

I think for a teen to want to become pregnant to be on this show…I don’t think this is the AVERAGE response to the show. The teens that may be doing so…there’s probably more going on in their life than just an extreme urge to become famous. One could also say that with all this drama over Kate plus 8, Octomom, The Dugger family(which by the way, I do not watch either Kate or the Dugger family shows…shocking, huh?!) that someone might also get the idea into their heads, that hey! let’s take fertility pills even if we don’t have to, have tons of kids, get our OWN reality show, free stuff and have a taste of fame.

But is it WORTH it? Truly? I don’t even watch ALL these types of shows out there, yet from just hear say, the gossip, paparazzi, and drama that this “fame” brings seems to not be so much fun. And for all the teens that are trying to get pregnant just for fame, I believe there are also a lot of them that are becoming more careful and possibly changing their minds from these shows. I’m 27 and some of the things these young moms have been through on the show seem like they would be difficult for ME to face, even as a much older adult than them. It shows the reality of getting pregnant as a teen and the rarity of the guy actually staying with the girl and being there for her 100%. It shows babies that have health problems that bring heartache and sacrifices that one so young should NOT have to be dealing with. It shows girls having to give up their old lifestyles and not be like their friends anymore. While I, myself, am no longer a teen, I can see myself back then watching this kind of thing and it would have cemented my resolve to NOT be a teen mom even more so.

And while I am not a mom yet, I think parents with teen girls should watch these shows WITH their kids and see how they respond towards it. If their teen appears to think of being a teen mom as cool, see about signing her up to take care of a real baby for a few days (maybe supervise, if need be) and see what she thinks then. Even those fake babies that you have to hold the keys in their backs until they stop crying…..*hint* they make ones that cry ALL the time to represent a colicky baby. I guarantee you that would make them change their mind!

Let’s be honest…Teen Pregnancy IS and may always, sadly, be an epidemic and even though there could be a small chance that shows about such a thing might spur it on even more, I think the risk is worth it in the long run. If even a few girls watch it and learn to be safer with their choices and/or change their minds, then I think it’s a good trade off.

That’s my own opinion, but what’s yours?


  1. Girl, I think you just need to turn off the TV… And if those teenagers didn’t watch TV, they wouldn’t think about getting pregnant (more than they already are thinking about it).

    I haven’t had cable TV for almost 2 years, watch a few select TV shows online, and I’m not missing one bit of the gossip. Some people are shocked to hear I’ve never watched one episode of Dancing with the stars. I’m actually shocked when I hear people watch every single episode. Find more fun things to do, read a book, talk with your partner. Anything but the idiot box!

    Try it this weekend and blog about it next week!


  2. Actually those are two shows that I’ve watched at home with my teens and they are highly informative and in no way do they encourage teens to do same.
    Nothing is glorified on those shows and sadly a lot of teens get pregnant because they are ignorant about the responsibility involved. I agree with you. 🙂


  3. Hi! I found ya through Stacey at walk a mile in my shoes. and I Love 16 and pregnant! I like it because it gives you different views, you know?! Love your blog!


  4. Teenage girls have been planning pregnancies long before shows like this. I knew girls in high school who tried to get pregnant. They thought it would be oh-so-fun to have a cute little baby to play with. Kids are going to be stupid and do stupid things regardless of what is on TV.

    I haven’t watched these shows, so I can’t speak too much about them, BUT if they are accurately portraying what it is like to be a teen parent, then I say all it can do is help. Let kids see what it’s really like to have a baby. Let them see exactly how much work it is. Let them see the exhaustion of 2am feedings and changing diapers with your eyes half open and going to bed at night only to realize you forgot to eat all day. Then let them see their friends all going out to party. Maybe it will make a few girls think twice!

    (Btw, I don’t mean to make parenthood sound terrible . . . I LOVE being a parent . . . I just certainly would not have wanted to do it high school!)

    I also have nothing against teen parents . . . My issue is with those who get pregnant on purpose. Accidents happen and I commend those who take responsibility for their actions. I am the child of teen parents, and I could not have asked for a more wonderful mother!

    I have a lot to say on this subject . . . in case you couldn’t tell 😉


    1. I agree with you!
      I had a best friend who became pregnant in high school and I am so proud of her for finishing high school while pregnant, having the baby and working at the same time. She wasn’t trying to get pregnant, it happened after her first time but she really grew up and did what she had to do.
      I’ve always loved babies but I already knew I didn’t want any as a teen…and after seeing what my best friend went through, it just confirmed it even more. I can’t wait to become a parent NOW, at this point in my life, and I know how hard it’s going to be and I am sure that there will be many days in my future where I will be tired and frustrated but I feel like it will be worth it as well.
      Kudos to teen moms who take the responsibility, like your mom did.


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