First off, I want to just say that everything in THIS post and in my blog comes from my personal opinions and outlook on things. I don’t expect ALL my views to match up 100% with everyone else’s because what kind of world would that be? IF any of my views ever offend anyone in anyway, then I apologize from the bottom of my heart beforehand and I don’t ever intend to set out upsetting anyone.

Before I met my husband, my knowledge of wrestling was extremely limited. I had heard of the WWF, World Wrestling Federation, which is now WWE…switch Federation to Entertainment and I had heard of Hulk Hogan and The Rock. I knew basic things that pretty much all Americans had heard of. No one in my family were big wrestling fans so I never was brought up around it and I never had any interest to get into watching it. When I met my husband, he was an announcer (I forget the proper word for it) for a friend’s wrestling team. It was a local group who weren’t pros but some were interested in possibly becoming so one day. Because of this, I got introduced to the likes of Monday Night Raw and TNA and even talked into watching a show of this local team.

When he first had me watch a show with him, I laughed. Here were a bunch of men in spandex, for heaven’s sake, running around beating each other up. How could anyone find this entertaining? I especially found it hilarious when some of them came out in nothing more than spandex panties basically…I was told there was another word for it, but to me, as an outsider, it was comical. I just really didn’t see the draw of it.

I didn’t even know that there was a difference in the kind of wrestling done in school where you are actually fighting each other and what they do in the WWE, which I THEN thought of as fake, but it wasn’t. It was a form of acting where they rehearse the throws and the hits where it appears more real than it actually is. That doesn’t mean that they don’t get hurt though cause I saw a lot of “fake” wrestling that looked extremely painful.

My husband, who was THEN my boyfriend, was a huge fan of wrestling, though. He really loved it and his parents loved it so I try to watch it with a more open mind and give it a chance. For him. I learned to respect the hard work and dedication that goes into it and I came to see that to the fans of wrestling, it’s taken very seriously and not funny to them at all.

Now that we are married, he still LOVES wrestling. I’m still not a fan of it, honestly. It’s just not my thing and I do still pick fun at different aspects of it with my husband. I don’t think he may always like my jokes about it but I think he understands that it’s not meant to degrade the art form that is wrestling and it’s not said to hurt anyone. I have really girly stuff I watch on TV that he likes to joke about as well so I feel like it’s just a common thing married couples do.

Recently, I got “critiqued” on my personal Facebook by a friend of a friend that was upset by me repeating something that I thought was funny. The funny thing was something I heard from another person who had never seen live wrestling before and had just recently seen it for the first time. They had also commented on the spandex thing and called it fake wrestling. While I got the fact that someone IN wrestling locally might be offended by this statement, I also feel like they need to get a thicker skin when it comes to something like this. For a first timer of wrestling to see grown man in basically spandex underwear fighting in a ring….I don’t see how you can’t expect people to laugh and comment on it. From an outsider’s view, if wrestling is not Real to you(meaning that it’s staged or rehearsed and people aren’t actually getting hit) then you’re going to call it fake. And that’s not meant to be offensive per say, it’s just the term or lingo that you call it if you don’t know the proper terms, right?

Needless to say, I admit it takes guts for a guy to run around in spandex. There’s a lot of people that might pick on you for it and I think a person is brave for doing so. BUT outside of the wrestling ring…On a normal day, if you just walk around in nothing but spandex underwear, you’re going to get some strange looks and some giggles. Why would you expect anything less? Especially when some people you see in non-pro wrestling might not be the most attractive person that you want to see in spandex in the first place.

So IF you’re a wrestler or know someone that is, please be aware that not EVERYONE is a wrestling fan, not everyone knows the lingo and not everyone is used to seeing people in spandex 2-3 times a week on their television. If people joke around about you wearing spandex, laugh it off with them….You know it has comedic value…you have to! And if someone says the wrong terminology, don’t get offended. If you feel the need, politely inform them of the proper terms. If you’re not pro yet, you have to know that the Pro wrestlers get talked about constantly just like celebrities and there comes a point where some of the negativity and jokes have to be ignored or they would never be able to continue what they’re doing. So do what THEY do and don’t get so upset by every little comment.

In wrestling, Spandex can be found on all types of people, young and old, big and little…..but when it comes to the world, you have to realize one thing…..Wrestling is not for everyone and neither is Spandex!


  1. OK, first of all, I didn’t call it ‘fake,’ BUT, and this is a BIG but, it was clear at close watch that nobody was getting hit in the ring we were watching. you’d see guys giving kicks in the butt, or throwing punches where you could clearly see air between the hand/knee and the person taking the blow. Those guys did have amazing athletic and dance abilities, and were really dedicted to entertaining the crowd, and I admire anybody who displays that kind of passion in life. I do love your comments on the spandex, though, cause in the real world, if I saw a guy running down Frank in silver spandex speedos on any other day, I would have laughed my ass off. I’m glad they renamed WWF the WWE. It IS entertainment, and we all have different preferences when it comes to entertainment. how you take it is how YOU take it. This is well said, Sharon, I especially like the last line.


    1. Well…if you ever get a chance to watch a few minutes of WWE, it looks REAL….it’s a lot harder to tell that it’s staged…..I’ve never seen the group that was at the Hoedown live before, BUT I watched another group from this area, who are now in another group…..and I agree that they had great athletic ability, choreography and even the ones that looked “bigger”, it was clear they were in great shape.


  2. What I’ve always wondered about is how they throw themselves on top of each other from the ropes without killing each other. I don’t watch it as I find the violence a bit much even if it’s choreographed. To each his own and Sharon, you don’t need to apologize to anyone. 🙂


    1. Yea, I just find it rather dumb and boring personally….I feel like I could be watching something better or doing something better than wasting time watching people wrestling!


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