The challenge this week is not finding pictures of lines but rather, figuring out what photos to take or include. There are lines in everything and there are many types of lines.

There are lines on a paper, there are lines we wait patiently in(or not!), lines in Music, rows and columns are basically lines, we fish with a fishing rod that has a line on it, as kids we are told to “Walk in a straight line”, lines to rehearse, we talk through telephone lines….lines are just a fundamental part of life.

So what do I pick? I don’t want to just take a boring photo of the same old, same old. I want to twist things up, make it different. The other day as I was thinking about Lines, in general, I looked down at the palm of my hand. There are lines on my palm as on everyone else’s BUT no lines on any one person’s palms are exactly alike! You could look at everyone’s hands in the world and no one’s would be the same. Just like fingerprints which are used to identify us. Fingerprints are basically a series of lines unique to only us.

The palm of my left hand....with its lines unique to only me!

A lot of people believe the lines in our hands are not just simply identifying features but that they also tell about our past, present and future. I’m sure you have heard of palm reading before. I’m not so sure I necessarily believe in palm reading myself. Palm reading and horoscopes are an iffy thing for me but I do admit that it’s a fun thing to read them. As a Christian, I believe our lives are already destined by God and a horoscope or a psychic can not tell us what the future holds. I still look at fortune cookies for fun, though and I look at horoscopes occasionally. Sometimes what they have to say can actually be an interesting quote or good advice and who’s to say that it’s not something God intended for me to hear at the particular moment?

Anyways, since I brought up palm reading, I decided to try to check my palms online and see what came up, just for fun! If you’re interested, here’s the site I went to!

I’ll post my report at the end of this post…Some of the things it reported actually seem to fit me but others, I don’t quite agree with! In fact, some of it is contradictory, but I’m also not a professional palm reader and I may not have answered things right because it’s hard to see some of the lines clearly enough.

First, here are some other pictures of “lines”.

Old fashioned curtain at my grandmas house...lots of lines here!
Water seen through the "lines" of trees
My nephew bouncing with bunjee "lines"


Your strong, deeply etched lifeline reveals a strong nervous system. In addition to that it reveals an equally strong physical constitution. The stronger the life line, the stronger the overall constitution, ensuring that there is stamina, vitality and good health.

You are a person more likely to succumb to illness more easily and take longer to recover. With the nervous system being more sensitive and finely tuned, mental or emotional stress will play a large part in the overall physical well being.

You might become mentally unstable at the point of time as indicated by the cross in the lifeline.

You have very unique and original ideas and progress in your own way.

You are wise and intelligent. You carry out your activities with forethought and conviction. Sensitivity of nature becomes very noticeable.Your moodiness is often uncontrollable, in the sense that the company of people you may be in will dictate your moods.

You are a person with a cold, unemotional nature with an inability to express love . You are more likely to consider the practical aspects of marriage.

You devote your feelings to a cause. Emotionally you throw yourself in to whatever you are attracted to which means that everything else takes second place. This attraction is mainly related to work and career.

You may not be trustworthy. You are adept at telling lies.

You tend to fall sick often.

Your career is likely to be determined by factors beyond your control.

A close relationship may breakup.

You have to be careful while undertaking your journey.

You may be healthy,wealthy and may lead an honourable life.

Each braclet signifies a lifespan of about 30 years.

You are likely to contribute to the society and be remembered for it even after your lifetime.

You may face setbacks in your career at the point of time the break appears.

You are a prominent intellectual.You mnay be a topnotch scientist,philosopher and thinker.You are likely to attain complete success in any task you undertake in your life.

You are a person with robust constitution and excellent immunity from diseases.


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