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Here I sit, in front of my computer at 2:24 a.m. I suppose I should be asleep but that’s where I have been most of yesterday and although, I still feel a bit under the weather, I’m just sick and tired of being in bed. This is why I am up while the sun slumbers away; sitting and contemplating over invisibility and writing.

Invisibility and writing may seem to be far apart from each other but here I am reflecting on how closely they may truly be. When I first starting looking through my subscribed blogs, I noticed the daily prompt asked “What would you do for the day if you were invisible?” Honestly, my first thought was sneaking on a plane and heading off to see my family. Then I thought of all the other places I could see for free. I could hop on a plane to Germany or Ireland, sneak into the movies and see them all for free or just be nosy and check out all the fancy homes and how the richer people live. But all of that is fantasy and fun because I never expect to actually BE invisible.

Then I read another of the blogs I now read daily…..

Reflections: The Ire of Invisibility… | Mirth and Motivation.

This post took the invisibility prompt and turned it on its head. It wasn’t about what one would do if they were in fact, invisible, but pointing out the truth that some of us ARE invisible. After I read it, I thought of things in my own past and remembered times I felt invisible. How could I have not thought of them? I can only guess that I was too caught up in the literal idea of “invisibility” so much, I didn’t think about how people actually are and can be invisible but yet still physically BE.

Isn’t it funny how one simple thought can be twisted and turned a million different ways and come right back on to itself?

Well….in a way, the whole invisibility thing did. After I read eof737’s post, I started thinking back to my past. I remembered times where I was in a crowd talking and I was being ignored. I remembered people talking over me like I wasn’t actually there. It made no sense to me at the time and when I actually tried asking why I was ignored, people would look at me like I was obviously a mental patient or something because they were not doing so! But they did and it still happens some today. I notice a lot of people being ignored and it’s weird how others seem to not even realize they are doing it. I think we all have been guilty ourselves of ignoring someone else at some point, even if unintentionally.

How does invisibility come back to writing? Well….After all these thoughts marinated in my head awhile, I remembered something else. When I originally started my WordPress blog February of 2010, I started it partly because of invisibility. I was feeling like no one really cared about me and no one was interested in anything I had to say. I wanted to find an outlet for my thoughts and for my words and in doing so, maybe find even one person that cared. Just one person that was interested in my words and was willing to LISTEN. Because in the end, isn’t that what we all want? What we all truly desire?

Whether we are a good writer or not, don’t we all just want to be heard? I believe inside all of us is a person who wants to feel like they have meaning in this world. Like their words aren’t falling on deaf ears.

I was brand new to Word Press back then, so I just copy/pasted my posts to Facebook and had a few friends read it and respond. It made me feel like some people did care but after a few posts, I fell off the writing wagon and procrastination set in. It wasn’t until the Daily Post Challenge that I finally got back to WP and into writing daily. Since then, I figured out how to actually read others blogs on here and get to know others. I have met some wonderful people who also love to blog and I feel like someone is hearing my words. I don’t feel completely invisible anymore. That’s a good thing and probably why I had totally forgotten about the beginning of this blog.

I think it’s a very relevant thing still…this desire to be heard. If you’re interested in reading my very first post on here about my desire to be heard, here’s the link:

A new start « TheRealSharon’s Blog.

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