This is a continuation of Wednesday’s post:  My Weekend in Review « TheRealSharon’s Blog.

My post left off on Saturday afternoon but I’m going to have to backtrack to Friday night again. I was reminded by my husband of a very interesting and important thing I left out. On Friday night, just as I was about to go to sleep and rest up from a long, hard day, I got a phone call from my spouse. He called to inform me that he had lost our house key. He had no idea where or how it came off the key chain but it was gone. He swore up and down that he had looked everywhere and searched the car through, yet no key. He was stuck locked out of the apartment and the spare key we had was in the apartment somewhere. My mom has an extra key but we were over 2 hours away and the maintenance at our apt. refuse to do lock outs at night. So what did he want? He wanted to try to pay a locksmith to come unlock our doors…..Well, neither of us are rich so I told him to wait until the morning so they could come unlock it. He wasn’t having it so I told him to call a good friend of ours. When all was said and done, he had a friend break in to the apartment for us through the bedroom window. Unfortunately, there are 2 cracks in the window now, but our landlady told us it was fine until we decide to move out in the future. At that time, we will have to buy a new window. ~Sighs~ Not fun, but I guess we will worry about it then.

But as a side note….my dad cleaned my car out for me on Monday and found the keys. Tsk tsk…..

Now for another rabbit hole. I used our hotel’s shampoo/conditioner Friday night and my hair has never curled so pretty or been smoother. Which is more impressive because Houston has hard water! It’s a White Tea Aloe shampoo that’s supposed to restore balance and they only sell it on the Westin store site for $12 for a 7 oz. So…if anyone knows of where I can find a White Tea Aloe shampoo anywhere else for a lot cheaper, I would love to know!

Back to Saturday…Me and my mom headed back to the skate rink area where we watched one person after the other fall on their butts and tried to hold in laughter. Is this wrong? Maybe it is, but at the same time, you won’t see me out there….If I fell down, I would be saying, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” You might laugh, but I am dead serious. Ice Skating falls under the category of dangerous activities for me.

We looked around a few places, which was rather annoying because they really don’t think about people in wheelchairs when they make stores! They should really fix this…even at our local Wal-mart store, they barely have enough room for carts, much less the wheelchairs. If you have never had the misfortune to use a wheelchair yourself or push someone in one, maybe you have never noticed. Sometimes I think everyone should be required to go a week or two of their life stuck in a wheelchair. Just to have the experience and realize how hard it is. Back when I broke my fibula and detached my deltoid ligament, I was stuck in one for 3 months. Me and crutches would be like me and ice skates. I just don’t have good balance at all. During that time, I really saw life from the perspective of people who are in wheelchairs all the time and honestly? It sucked. Sorry for the language, but it did. The thing that sucked most about it was the disrespect for people in them and how rude people are.

I saw this a lot at the Galleria mall. I also want to say I DID meet more nice people than I expected and thank God for those sweet people who were willing to give up a minute of their time to hold a door or elevator. Does it really hurt you to do so? You MAY be in the same place one day.

One incident really irked me with the elevator. These kids were all dressed up for either prom or quinceneara. They were waiting outside of the handicapped elevator by the escalators and then it was me, my mom and this lady with a stroller. When the SLOW elevator finally opened up, everyone got in and I started to push my mom in. The young kids were closest to the door and they saw me coming with my mom, yet none of them tried to hold the door. It started closing on her wheelchair and I moved my hand quick enough and stopped it. One of those girls was like, “Oh, I’m sorry”…and I very sarcastically replied, “Yea….it’s ok.” I’m sure she could sense my sarcasm and my frustration. One day those kids will be elderly and may end up in a wheelchair themselves. Will it take them that long to understand?

Sunday was our last meeting and then we headed off to see about checking out. There were 5 elevators for the hotel and a long line waiting for them. There were other ways to get to the other floors and all I wanted to do was drop my mom off on the bottom floor while I fetched all our bags. There were escalators down but I couldn’t exactly get a wheelchair down them. Me and my mom easily waited 20-30 minutes for an elevator. It wasn’t that none were available cause some would open up but they were either all full or people would be exiting and no one would hold the door before it closed again!

UGH! People became very selfish about pushing their way on to the elevators and I got really upset. There were tears cried and I hate doing that in public. It hurt though…..I knew my mom was feeling bad and guilty like it was her fault that we couldn’t get down to the 2nd floor. She kept offering to try to go down the escalator. I was tired from the weekend, not feeling good and ready to get out of there. And most of all, I was just very disheartened by mankind and how selfish they can be at times. I just felt like all the good people had deserted us. Finally, some people helped us get on one and I was able to drop her off in the lobby, go fetch our bags, run them to the car in the parking garage, check out and then push her to the car. When all was said and done, I was truthfully exhausted both physically and emotionally. I just had to take a deep breath and relax.

Traffic was virtually nonexistent for Houston and we found our way out of there quickly. By the time I got home that afternoon, I literally laid down and took a 3 hr. nap. It felt good too! It was a loooooong weekend for me and it had its good and bad times.

Now it’s the following Friday and my mom had knee replacement surgery Tuesday. She was already at 90% bend on the 2nd day and her therapist literally said she was a freak of nature! She is at my Nanny’s house now for a while until she can get around good. Knowing her, it won’t be too long, she is stubborn and I truly believe she is a Super Mom! My mom is 67 years young and has been through a lot but she is such a strong woman. Thanks for everyone who prayed for her! Please continue to because they obviously worked!

Here’s to the end of another long post. Who knew one weekend would have so much to talk about? And I probably still forgot things, but oh well!

Another view from balcony
Zoomed in view from the balcony of our hotel room

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