One of the things I think of when I think of the word “Old” is Vintage. I LOVE Vintage jewelry. If you read my post about the Stylish Blogger Award, then you already know that my engagement ring is vintage. It was my hubby’s great grandma’s wedding ring. Since I didn’t get a chance to add a picture there, what better place to put a picture of a vintage ring than in THIS post?

My Vintage Engagement Ring that I love so much!

This next photo is an OLD photo of my Nanny when she was my age. Sorry for the small size. She was such a beautiful woman, don’t you think?

My Beautiful Nanny when she was young

This next picture was taken when I went to Wales, UK at 17 for a Missions Trip, way back in 2001.

Old Castle Ruins

And last but not least, an OLD picture of me at the age of 2…so back in 1985.

Me back when I was a blonde baby!


  1. i LOVE that picture of you and chad, love it love it love it!!!!! your grandmother was beautiful, you look just like her!


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