First of all….I already had a topic in mind but when I saw the topic of the day about bacon, I decided to do something else for today. I have tons of post ideas for this next week that I gained over my weekend trip so hopefully, I can write them down in my notebook and get to each of them later on this week.

I know you’re probably wondering why bacon makes me laugh. Well, I have this best friend and we have an inside joke involving bacon. Every time I think of bacon I am reminded of great memories. Memories of fun and crazy times.

So I will share with you the story of the inside joke and my other memories of times with this best friend that I am reminded of also when I think of Bacon.

Call this friend T-bone, that’s my crazy nickname for her. Her real name is Tara. I met her during a play I was in called Babes in Toyland in 2005. She didn’t go to college with me, she was still in high school. I remember thinking she was like 12 or 13 because she was shorter and looked young. I think we may have talked a little during the play but not too much. I got Myspace after the play ended and she added me. We started chatting on there and I found out she was actually 17. Even though I was like 5 years older, we clicked as friends and got along well. I still remember the first time we hung out together and we were outside the mall. She asked me what I wanted to do and I was like, “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?” and she responded likewise. We then went back and forth being indecisive for 15-20 minutes before deciding what to do.

On one night , me, her, and 2 of her friends from high school were all hanging out together. That was a silly night. I was a getaway driver for them while they tried to tp a friend’s house….they ended up running off because people were at home. I didn’t have much experience driving yet and I couldn’t find the button to turn the car lights on so I almost ended up in a ditch. That wouldn’t have been very good since it was HER car and not mine. Needless to say, I drove for a very short time before she took over her car back.

On the night of the bacon joke, I remember us riding in her friend Michael’s brother’s car. We drove through a McDonald’s drive through and ordered a ton of stuff and then drove off…..One of the craziest things I had ever been involved in. At another time that same night, we stopped in this one neighborhood and he got out to get his cd’s from the trunk. Tara jumped in the front seat, locked the doors and started to drive off, leaving him. We had a good laugh from that. Then for the bacon! Michael decided to start prank calling some friends. He could do this really great voice that sounded like a man from India. He would call and ask people if they had any bacon. He had this long spiel about having all these children and they were hungry and he needed bacon. If they would say they didn’t have any bacon, he would harass them and ask why they didn’t have any bacon and complain. Just telling the story doesn’t even do it justice for how comedic it was. All 3 of us girls were holding in our laughter as hard as we could because it was so hilarious.

All 4 of us still remember the prank calls and to this day, we will just randomly ask each other if the other person has any bacon. Laughter will then start up again and everyone will look at us like we are all insane. Oh well….It was good times!

So I will end this post for now with a question…..”Do you have any bacon?”


  1. Great that it brought back such wonderful memories for you. You reminded me of the same sort of things we did in my teen years… all innocent, hilarious fun… ah the memories… 🙂


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