Thanks to Brittany220 for the Stylish Blogger Award!

I am now supposed to write 7 things about myself and pass this honor on to 15 other bloggers as well as share the good news with them.

First, my 7 things:

1) On my left foot, the toe next to my baby toe is the same size it was when I was 3 years old. Why? Because a can fell on it and somehow it must have stunted the growth for it hasn’t grown since. It doesn’t really bother me though as my favorite type of shoe is the flip flop. I think my little toe is cute and it’s an interesting unique part of me!

2) I sleep with the same pillow I did as a baby…My mom even has a picture of me as a newborn sleeping in the middle of it. As a little girl, I shared a bed with my mom and my pillow always smelled like White Diamonds perfume, which my mom wore all the time. Therefore, I always took my pillow with me everywhere because it reminded me of my mom. I even took it across country with me on my Missions trip. I still sleep with it because it’s comfy and what can I say? It’s a bit of nostalgia too!

3) For those unaware, I also have a teddy bear blog on here but unfortunately I haven’t worked on it in awhile….I plan to eventually get back to it, though. If you would like to check out past posts, here’s the link!

4) I have 8 nieces, 1 nephew and 2 great nephews who I love to pieces! I have been an aunt since I was 2 years and 2 months old.

5) I didn’t officially start driving until the age of 23. I took driver’s ed and had my permit at 16, I also had my license at 18 but I didn’t feel ready or comfortable to drive yet at that age. I LOVE to drive now and can’t believe I didn’t want to back then but at the same time, I feel like it was the best decision for me. I knew myself enough to know I wasn’t fully ready and I held myself back until I was.

6) My engagement ring was my husband’s great grandma’s ring. I still feel honored that his mom chose to give me the ring and I love the ring more than I could have loved any store bought ring out there of any price. I’ve always loved vintage jewelry so the fact that my engagement ring is vintage AND also was worn by a woman in a great loving marriage AND chosen to pass to me is just so special. So thankful that my mom-in-law and grandma-in-law liked me enough to share it with me!

7) My wedding dress cost just over $500, including alterations. I bought it from an online site where I automatically fell in love with it and had a family friend alter it A LOT and only charge me $20 for it. The second I tried it on, I KNEW it was the perfect dress and I felt like a million dollars on my day even though I paid nowhere near that much. Apparently, to look at a dress and automatically have it be YOUR dress is pretty rare….but hey, my middle sister picked hers out of a magazine in the 80’s, saved the money and went and bought it from a boutique..maybe it runs in the family….

And now for the awesome blogs that I will be passing this honor on to!

Drum roll, please! Be sure to check these blogs out! <—-Not a wordpress blog, I know…but this is one of my good friend’s blogs! <—newer blog I just found that I just love!

I realize this is only 11 instead of 15…..I have a few others I would have like to have added but they have recently received the same award from another person…so I felt it would be kind of overkill. In the future, I will let you know about other blogs I find along the way…..


  1. Congrats, and wow your wedding ring must be so beautiful. They just don’t make the rings like that anymore. And, you didn’t drive til you were 23 wow! That freaks me out. I drove right away. I just enjoy reading what you write!


    1. I know! It’s funny to me about the driving thing now because I LOVE to drive so much! Maybe I will do a post going into more detail behind my not driving until I was older. I actually was going to put pictures with the post but I was so busy packing and everything this weekend, I forgot to!


      1. You should blog about it. I know a girl who got into a serious car accident and now is married with two kids and refuses to drive.


  2. Oh Sharon, what a wonderful surprise and thank you for the award… I love getting them as they put a smile on my face. I hope I won’t have to stand on my head for it…. I’m a bit wobbly! Merci! 🙂
    I’ve been on college visits with my twins hence my absence…
    Finally catching up on comments!


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