I like doing surveys for fun and I love music so in order to come up with a quick post while I am away, I decided to combine them with a Music Shuffle Survey.

Note: Since me and my husband share a computer, if I end up on a song that HE downloaded on my computer that it’s not one of the songs I actually listen to, I will skip to the next. This is so the songs are actually ones that I like….And also these are songs on my Windows Media Player so it’s not ALL the music I own just from my right now computer collection.

Put ur music player on shuffle….use the song titles as your answers
Story of your life…
What should they have played when you were born? “Water to the Dead”-DJ Ferret & Ego Likeness (Hmm…some techno at birth…)
What song will people play at your funeral? “Great DJ”-The Ting Tings (Do I sense a pattern with Dj’s and my life?)
What song will you play at your wedding? “Up”-The Saturdays (for those interested, the song played at our wedding was “Baby, you’re my destiny”-Jim Brickman and yes, that was an older love song)
What song will you play at your 50’th birthday party? “Lose control(Remix)”-Missy Elliott
If you get your dream life…
What song will you dance to when you win the lottery? “Love is color blind”-Sarah Connor
What song will you play when you get your dream job? “Fall for you”-Secondhand Serenade
What song will you play when you discover your own island? “Sun goes down”-David Jordan (Wait…I’m going to discover an island?)
What song will you play when you rule the world? “You get what you give”-The New Radicals (Sounds like a good strategy if I ruled the world!)
What song will you play when you’re in heaven? “Fall Away”-Better Off Dad (“If tomorrow comes way too fast, at least let me believe that I meant something to someone”
What song makes you feel….
Happy- “Look what love has done”-Jaci Velasquez (This is true…beautiful song!)
Sad- “What hurts the most”-Rascal Flatts (Definitely a sad song)
Sexy-“Anatomy one on one”-Mya (I swear my player is doing this on its own!)
Angry-“The little things give you away”-Linkin Park (my fav. band EVER)
Flirty-“Turn to stone”-Girls Aloud
Evil-“Long cool woman in a black dress”-Creedence Clearwater Revival
Innocent-‘Beautiful”-Goldfrapp (How strange this comes before the next one…
Beautiful-“The Best Day”-Taylor Swift
What song makes you feel like you’re an armadillo? “Can’t take my eyes off of you”-Frank Sinatra (played before my wedding and I can’t say that it made me feel like an armadillo…lol)
What song makes you feel like you can fly? “Gives you hell”-All American Rejects ( Again…don’t feel like I can fly!)
What song makes you cry? ‘She’s like a star”-Taio Cruz (Only if dancing makes you cry…)
What song makes you feel like dancing? “I wanna go”-Britney Spears (yep!)
What song makes you feel like being emo? “Live like you’re dying”-Lenka
What song makes you feel like a donut?”Crazy in love”-Eminem….(There’s no song that makes me feel like a donut!
What song reminds you of your childhood? “Ordinary Day”-Ryan Huston
What song reminds you that life sucks? “No Games”-Breaking Benjamin (Life doesn’t always suck!)
What song makes you eat compulsively? “On a day like today”-Keane (Just in case you wondered…nope!)
What song makes you nervous? ‘Rise & shine”-Poe
What song makes you need to pee? ‘Serious”-Duffy (Now that you mention it…I just might need to!)
This song describes…
Yourself- “You complete me”-Keyshia Cole….(well….I guess you could say I complete myself…)
Your mom-“James Dean”-David Bedingfeld (Uh…no! sorry mom)
Your dad-“Day & Night (remix)”-Kid Cudi ft. Jim Jones  (Haha!)
Your best friend-“Fifteen”-Taylor Swift (I do not think she would agree with this!)
Your stalker-“Sooner or Later”-Breaking Benjamin (first of all…I better NOT have a stalker!)
Your school-“You think it’s like this”-Mirah (I actually think my school is nonexistent since I don’t go to any school)
Your life-“Sitting, waiting, wishing”-Jack Johnson (Ok…my hubby put this on the computer but I DO like this song!
Your death-“We are”-Ana Johnsson
Your attitude towards life-“The Garden of Birds and water”-Grace Valhalla
Hope u liked it!!!!!! You are welcome to copy/paste/share! 🙂

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  1. It’s remarkable how intuitive these games can be… always surprises me and that is why I try not to play them… even for fun. It’s all good though! 🙂


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