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Tomorrow morning I leave for the weekend with my mom on a sort of business/fun trip. My family is a member of this insurance group and every year, each lodge or area sends a couple people as representatives to different places. Apparently, they have meetings where they talk about the insurance plans and this big banquet. We’re going to be staying in a hotel above this huge mall so in our spare time, we can go window shopping or for real shopping….if I actually had a bunch of money. Guess it’s good I’ll be with my mom. LOL

The meetings sound incredibly boring and I hope they don’t last too long. I’m just tagging along to keep my mom company and to have fun staying in a nice hotel and looking around a huge mall for the weekend. Going on a trip anywhere and my procrastination clash, though. I have so much yet to do and I am basically just starting NOW to get ready.

I am one of the unlucky ones who only owns a desktop computer and so is my mom, so other than my cell phone, I will be away from a computer until Sunday afternoon. Of course, this means I will have to have at least a couple blogs already done and scheduled. Drafting blogs is not exactly something a procrastinator is good about but I do have one that is close to completion that I started yesterday… a little less work to do. Now to plan a couple more, pack, look up directions, make room on my DVR…..etc, etc, etc.

I am aiming to actually get to bed at a decent hour tonight since for the next few mornings I will have to be up at an ungodly hour. Ungodly hour meaning before 7….ugh! I am a night owl…..NOT an early bird by any means. But I will make it, I always do somehow.

Thank God for my to do list. After forgetting important things one too many times in my past, I have started making a to do list with all I need to do listed and EVERY item I need to pack. Even those obvious ones like my purse and my cell phone. You would be surprised what you can forget in the heat of the moment…..So enjoy my pre-drafted blogs this weekend and sorry if it’s kind of cheating. I hate feeling like I am cheating by having them already done, but I still did them…just early!

Now off to finish my to do list as quickly as possible and maybe I will have some interesting stories to tell when I return from my trip!

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