Just got off the phone with my newlywed niece. It had been too long since we had a nice chat and it was nice to get to talk to her for awhile.

Funny how I can enjoy a good chat on the phone sometimes when I have such a hatred for talking on the phone usually. I guess it’s different when I am talking to someone I haven’t had the chance to talk with in a long time. I don’t know….

I’ve just always hated talking on the phone. My husband gets frustrated with me sometimes when it comes to needing to make a phone call and I beg him to do it for me. My mom is the same way, th0ugh. There’s just something about speaking on the phone that I hate.

I also feel bad for hating it because then I wonder if all my friends who do call me EVER are going to think, So…she hates talking to me?! NO! That’s not true. In person, I could talk for hours to a friend and if we are texting or messaging or the computer, no problem. There’s just something about the phone. It’s a little better now that my cell has a speaker phone because I can set it down and do other things while I am talking. Maybe that is more what the problem is. I hate having to hold the dumb phone to my ear and feel like I am being incredibly idle. Even watching TV, I will find myself doing something with my hands.

Has anyone ever held the phone to their ear long enough where their ear gets sore? That happens to me a lot….maybe that could be why I have such a dislike for talking on the phone. Don’t get me wrong…when it comes to family that live far away and friends I haven’t heard from in a long time, I love getting to hear from them and I will gladly accept the phone call. But if I had a choice, I would always pick in person. I’m sure the family and friends would rather see me in person as well. Until then, I will just deal with my dread of the phone and be thankful that I have a way to talk to them at all!

Putting it in perspective like that helps……


  1. I hate talking on the phone, still learning how to text. I hate to do both. I’d rather talk in person. Great topic.


    1. Glad you liked my topic….I didn’t know what to talk about and had just gotten off the phone so I had the thought of usually hating the phone in my head….so I wrote about it!


  2. My family has an expression for the sore ear thing, we call it flat ear syndrome! If my Dad has had enough chat and wants to get on, he will usually say that his ear is getting flat 🙂

    I’m funny with the phone too, but in different ways for different reasons. In this very phone oriented world of ours that does seem weird of me. I’ll happily chat for hours, it’s not the idleness I have an issue with, but I hate phoning people. I don’t want to interrupt them. The phone is very demanding and insistent. It rings, you have to deal with it NOW! Since I’m not keen on that, I hesitate doing it to others. I hate disturbing people when they are eating! (I could never be a telemarketer) I’m very much an email or FB message person. People can then choose when to respond.

    Official calls to strangers are the worst. I hate dealing with strangers on the phone. Hate it! Combined with my hate for admin, it’s an issue 🙂 Fortunately hubby doesn’t mind doing that for me as much as possible and I keep what I can to email. I get so tense making such a call. I rehearse my opening line over and again. Then when it picks up and you get put straight on hold for an hour! Eeek! An hour of tension! Horrors! *shudder*


    1. Flat ear syndrome! Now I know a name for it! LOL
      I also could NEVER be a telemarketer and not just because of my dislike for phones….but because I hate getting called by telemarketers myself…so how could I do the same to someone else, right?! And if someone said they weren’t interested, I’m not the type of person who would want to push them to BE interested…I would be like, ok, thank you, BYE!


    1. I had seen your post but wasn’t sure if that meant I got an award too or not so I didn’t say anything, LOL
      This is my first award on here so thanks very much! 🙂 Now to figure out 15 people to send it too…hmmm……


  3. I agree with this post, I’m not a fan of the phone either and especially hate having to call strangers, I usually beg my brother or dad to do it instead and it sometimes works but often times not.
    Haha yeah I tried to contact everybody after I posted it yesterday but then my computer decided to try and drive me insane by freezing and not opening anything up…yeesh. It took me a while to find 15 people too, that’s why it took me a few weeks to post about the award!


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