Blame it on me having a lazy day, procrastinating OR the fact that I am an April Fool’s avoider…..which ever fits your fancy, if you will BUT I am doing my post late again. It was quite a shocker to see I had so many views today before I had even posted anything…then I stopped to consider maybe more people viewed my blog to play an April Fool’s Joke on me…..So if you did, thanks for viewing me anyways.

I’m not a HUGE fan of April Fool’s. Not really sure why, it’s not like I have ever been really scarred by an April Fool’s joke…well, there was one time that upset me but other than that ONE time, nothing. I guess I just stay away from the day as much as possible because I find it hard to believe anyone on this day. I just KNOW someone is going to tell me some HUGE news followed by the words, April Fools! Oh, joy! But then it’s not as if the world stops on this day either, right? So someone MAY actually have some big news but how would you ever believe them, right? Especially if they may have used the same thing before as a joke and now it’s real…..kind of like “crying wolf”, I guess you could say.

I consider myself a very honest person. I like to be blatantly honest with people as much as possible. I know sometimes it can be hard to say something without hurting people, so I also believe in tact and telling someone something they need to know as politely and kind as possible. That can be hard but I try to think of situations that I, myself, have gone through where the truth was hidden as not to hurt. When the truth finally got out, it was ten times worse not so much because of the truth itself but for the fact that the truth was concealed for so long. I believe the truth is always better than a lie.

And when admitting wrong, it’s better to confess the wrong then to lie about it. If you’ve already done something wrong, why compound it by doing another sin, and lying? Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Anyways, back on the April Fool’s track…..A few years ago or so, I had a family member(names not mentioned for anonymity) play an April Fool’s joke on me gone wrong. Horribly wrong…. This family member decided to pretend that they had been in a car wreck and were at the hospital…..and sent me a text about it pretending to be the mom of this person. Well..I freaked out and then realized it was April Fool’s. I am over analytical at times, though and my over thinking caused me trouble. I started to think…”But just because it’s April Fool’s doesn’t mean things like this don’t happen, right?! And who would joke about something like THIS?” So I texted back and asked if it was true and if said person was ok…..and no reply. So my head was swimming with morbid thoughts of my family member being in danger of death or something. I figured if it HAD been a joke, she would have texted back immediately. Well…let’s just say, texts don’t always go through!

So I called her number, no response! I called “the mom” of the family member, no response!, I left a text on the mom’s phone and no response… with tears flowing from my eyes, I called MY mom. My mom had no idea what was going on and she tried to call people, to no avail….Pretty soon, my mom, dad, AND grandma knew and we were freaking out! We had even started to make plans to go out of town to check out this family member. When we finally heard from the mom, she freaked out at first herself because she knew nothing of the text and was worried something HAD happened to her child. Well….we found it was just an April Fool’s and the party in question got a stern talking to. At that point, I was relieved it WAS a joke because that meant she was alright but I was also very angry  because I didn’t find it funny! At the same time, I felt guilty for being angry about it being a joke because I knew I should be happy it wasn’t true. So my whole April Fool’s Day was just a big emotional mess that year. Turns out, she had sent it to friends also but THEY had all received a message afterwards saying April Fool’s. I did NOT get that message due to a probable phone failure or something. She was in school so she didn’t get my messages until much later….her mom was working and didn’t get them until hours later.

So after that whole debacle, I found myself wondering, What if something like that were to really happen NOW? How would I know if it’s the truth?

I guess knowing my emotional, crazy self, I will probably assume it’s the truth first until I am proven wrong. The family member in question was young at the time and I have forgiven her but I have to say, when I think back to that day, it still upsets me a little. She is forgiven completely but I think the idea upsets me. Everyone out there needs to realize that pranking about something like that should NOT happen, and most definitely not through a text or something with a follow-up that might not arrive like you want it to. I have no problem with the little “I’m married, I’m pregnant,I won the lottery” and all the fun, silly jokes….but keep the morbidity out of it!

When you take a day meant to be FUN and make it SAD and SCARY, that’s not cool. If something BAD does ever happen to you on an April Fool’s, you shouldn’t ever have to stop and think, Is it just a joke? At least that’s how I feel….What do you think?


  1. I think April Fool’s jokes are only in good taste if they make fun of a person (like a practical joke) or are just innocently very funny. Anyone using April Fool’s Day to make bad taste jokes is sick twisted in their minds.

    By the way, did you say WordPress bumped up everybody’s stats for the day in the bar graph? I had something like 50 hits for the day and the bar graph said I had 300. Haha, WP people, you’re sooo funny. Not.


    1. Only 300? Mine was up to 1,500 as the April Fools joke. I knew something was amiss right away because I check my stats daily. I thought they had graphed it wrong, and then I saw it was an April Fools joke… cute.


  2. Oh wow, yeah, that’s a horrible April Fool’s joke. I remember those online viral ones like a celebrity died, and then it turned out to be false. It’s messed up.

    Thanks for reading my blog as well!


  3. I don’t understand how people find that kind of thing funny. Have they not heard of tempting fate either?

    I was wondering why my stats were up, it makes sense if it’s WPs idea of humour…


  4. good one, sharon, i would never trust a single thing anybody said to me on 4/1 if something like that had happened to me! And also, although you ARE an honest and incredibly genuine person, I have known you not to say anything to someone if you couldn’t say something nice. That’s a quality I admire—-tact.


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