Well, it was great while it lasted…I have gone longer than I thought possible of myself without running out of things to say. I knew it would eventually come….a blog writer’s block. I have no clue what to say today, I feel like all the words in my head have been relocated to a dumpster that now resides somewhere I have yet to find. If anyone else comes across a huge file of papers that are labeled, “The real Sharon’s words for her blog”, please notify me immediately so I can figure out how to get them back to me as soon as possible!

I guess I really shouldn’t be so down on myself for losing my words. I have had some of the longest blogs I have ever done this past week. I suppose it’s really no wonder that my words were exhausted and just got up and abandoned me. They probably need a vacation, right?

For some reason I have the song, “When you say nothing at all”, stuck on repeat in my head. Well…when the song states, “You say it best when you say nothing at all”….I seriously doubt that goes for ALL situations. I especially doubt that it goes for blog writing. Somehow writing nothing at all for a day on my blog doesn’t seem like it would be saying anything “best”. But I see how it works for love. Being a married couple, there are times where my spouse’s actions show his love far more than any words he could speak aloud.

But maybe that’s because my husband is notorious for the “I love you” dice. What does that mean, you say? Whenever we argue about ANYTHING and I am obviously upset, sometimes even angry, he likes to roll the invisible dice I call the “I love you” dice. This means he gives this sweet little puppy dog look and utters those 3 magical words….I love you. UGH! How can 3 little words be so, be so, be so…..grrr…..I love you, too!….I always seem to voice right back to him and usually with this aggravated look on my face and teeth clenched. Why does he think “I love you” can just solve everything? That it can end every fight?!

It’s really infuriating at times because it takes me right out of the middle of the argument we are having and I just lose all focus on what we were fighting about in the first place….Hmmm…..I think he must know that. How clever he thinks he is! But he is wrong…he can’t just stop the argument THAT easy! Roll your dice, mister and then the green light is back on…..but wait…..Who put the yellow light on?! Yep, you guessed it…the dumb dice went and knocked my green light down to a yellow light…..the fight has now lost its stamina and we are surely on the road to compromise city.

~Sighs~ Apparently my speechlessness has hit a rabbit trail….What’s that, you say? Speechlessness is not a word? Oh well…I created it, ok?!

Apparently some of my words stayed with me after all….or at least some of them decided I couldn’t survive if they all left. Maybe just some of them are on a timeshare….you think that’s possible?

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