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{March 29, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:OCEAN

I’ve only seen the ocean a few times in my life……only once that really counts. I saw it in Florida but it was from a distance and I saw the Atlantic Ocean twice as I flew above it to and from England when I went on a missions trip at 17. None of those times count really because I didn’t get pictures as I wasn’t close enough and I didn’t touch the water or the sand. The only time I have walked in the water and touched my feet to the sand was in Galveston. I think I was about 15 or 16, maybe, but not sure and it was on a youth trip at our church. Since I’m afraid of deep water, I appreciated it from the point of view of wading in the very shallow part (in other words, I just got my feet and ankles wet.) Here’s the few pictures I have of the ocean from that trip.


Rogue Jellyfish in Galveston, TX


I remember there being a lot of jellyfish in the shallow water…probably another reason not to go very far in!


A view of the ocean from inside the ferry

Another view of the ocean from the ferry

I, personally, have a fear of huge bodies of water. I guess it’s almost comical that I, who loves horror movies and stories would be afraid of something like deep water. I guess it’s just the idea of the “unknown”….the ocean is so deep and no one has ever been able to explore ALL of it and we probably will never be able to. What lurks below the surface of the water, miles and miles below? I don’t know and for me, I don’t really have the desire to know. I do think the ocean is a beautiful sight but there’s also an ominous feel to it as well for me.

Along with that fear comes a healthy respect for it as well. I think the ocean, along with other bodies of water, show how magnificent a God we have. The fact that he created all this water on our planet that takes up so much space and holds so many mysteries within while also providing nourishment from within the water, too. When I think of the ocean, I think beauty, I think fear, I think mystery, I think about the power of God and how great it truly is, but most of all, I am reminded how much more there is in this world to learn. There’s “oceans” of information out there that we ALL still have to learn.

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