Who else is a fan of the show, “What would you do?”  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a hidden camera show where people are put in controversial types of situations and they see what people would do in that situation. I’m a fan of this show because I am always happy when I see someone stand up and do the right thing. Sometimes I feel like there are no good, brave people in this world left so it gives me hope when I can see that there ARE some out there.

In honor of that show, I decided to look for some What would you do type questions and answer them. Some are silly and for fun and some are more serious. You are welcome to copy the questions and do them yourself on your own blog if you want to. I would say you could also do them in the comments but it will be a long comment….feel free to post and answer the questions wherever you wish, just link back to me, please! : )

You won the lottery: I guess it would depend on the amount of the lottery but one of the first things I would definitely do would be to get lap band surgery….I know that’s probably selfish but it’s something I have wanted for awhile now and can’t afford…..I would then offer to help my family, such as my grandma, with any bills they need paid off and I would see about buying a house for me and my husband…it doesn’t have to be a mansion but I would like a nice house with at least a few bedrooms for future kids…I would try to help my friends in any way I could and at this moment in time, offer to help my niece with her upcoming wedding..as well as pay for all my family to be there and fly back for Christmas
You got invited to be on a reality TV show: If it was one I wasn’t interested in, I would decline….it would depend on which one…
You caught a friend stealing from you: I would feel betrayed and question them as to why they felt they needed to steal instead of asking to borrow….if it’s something not too expensive, I think I would be able to talk it out and deal with it…if it was something really valuable or worth a lot more, then it might cause a rift between us but if it’s one of my best friend’s, I think I will still end up forgiving them….if it’s a friend that is more like an acquaintance, then it would be a deal breaker…
You witnessed a murder: I would go to the police and tell them everything I knew…no matter who did the murder…If someone is murdered, their family has the right to know….if I witnessed someone murdering someone I loved, I would have to fight myself from hurting them back
A random stranger offered you candy: Uh…I would either say No thank you or take it and throw it away later….lol
MySpace and Facebook closed: MySpace? wouldn’t bother me too much…Facebook would hurt a lot because that’s the way a lot of my friends who don’t have a WP can read my blog!
A genie granted you one wish: Right now I wish that ALL my nieces and nephews could live close to me
You lost your favorite possession: It would be hard to lose a desktop computer but if i somehow did, I would cry….
You found 10 dollars on the ground: If it’s outside in the middle of nowhere, I would pocket it….if it’s in a store or something, I would turn it into the office cause even though it’s just 10 dollars, it could be all a family has to survive on
Your date throws up on you: Well…since I am married, that would be my husband!….I would be grossed out, possibly get sick myself….change clothes and try to clean it up but there are worse things and I love him so i would forgive him
Someone cut off a chunk of your hair: AAAHHHH! It better be the split ends then! LOL…I would scream and freak out and be very upset! I would want to cut a chunk of theirs off as well!
Your favorite celebrity comes to visit you: I would faint….and then I would freak out cause I would probably be in my nightgown with my hair a mess, cause that’s the way life works!
You were stranded on an island with nothing but the ability to make one phone call: Could I do a 3 way call? LOL…..Well…I would want OFF the island, right? So I would try to call 911 or police or something and see if they could TRACE the call, see exactly where I was located and send help!

What would you do if you saw someone being bullied? I would try to stick up for them if I could because I personally have been where they’ve been and I know what it felt like to be bullied in front of many other people who just sat there and did nothing….Some of the people being teachers which is just shameful to me…How can you live with yourself if you knew that your lack of actions could possibly cause someone to commit suicide?

This last question was one that the show, “What would you do?” constantly uses in different ways. They will show people getting bullied because of their weight, their looks, their race, etc. and see if anyone steps in. Every time I see someone step up and stand up for them, it brings tears to my eyes. I look back on the years when I was bullied and wonder if things would have been different if anyone, even one person, had stood up for me. To me, people that stand up against bullies are angels in disguise. I never had an angel stand up for me so in the future, I want to be someone else’s angel if I am put in a situation where I can be. I don’t want a person to endure what I was forced to go through and I intend to teach my future kids to stand up against bullies as well.

Standing up against bullying is a major thing for me and this is probably NOT the last time I will bring it up in a post. I would love to know what are YOUR thoughts on bullying and would YOU stick up for someone who was being bullied? If you have kids, do you try to teach them how wrong bullying is?

What would YOU do if you knew your child was being bullied? What would YOU do if your child was the one who was the bully?

These questions make you think, don’t they?

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  1. I love this show too, I have to watch last week’s because I missed it! It’s really interesting to see how people react to the situations, and how so many don’t do anything. Nice responses, especially the one on bullying! I’m glad you would stick up for whoever was being bullied, it’s sad how many teachers and other adults (or kids) don’t do anything when they watch someone being bullied, it’s horrible.


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