So here goes another day in my blog and I sit here, completely oblivious as to what to write in my blog. You would think after so many days of doing it, I would have thousands of ideas ready to pour out of my fingertips and onto the…typed page? Nope…..I have kept a notebook beside me and half the time, I am still no better prepped for my daily posts than I was before I started all this.

The other day on The Daily Post, they were asking, “What’s your muse?” and I skipped over that prompt because I don’t know that I have one. I mean, I do have inspirations in life but aren’t they speaking of something that helps you to write? To pour out your heart and soul? Well…I’m not sure I have THAT sort of muse.

Most of the time I log in, read my subscriptions and click on “Add new post” and then stare at the blank page, thinking…..”What do I do now?” Especially this last week. My last few LONG posts were done by basically just typing the first thing that spilled out of me. As I looked back and read over some of the posts I did just out of nowhere, with no real preparedness, I am kind of shocked and surprised. They actually seem to be decent considering I just typed and didn’t even stop to think how well they were turning out.

But then again, the best poems I did when I was younger weren’t the ones I spent a lot of time working on but the ones that just flowed out of me from start to finish until completion. So maybe the trick to writing for me is not over analyzing it and just to WRITE.

It’s a scary feeling sitting at my computer and not having a clue as to what I will write that day. There’s also this great feeling of exhilaration whenever it’s completed though. This great sense of pride that I have it in me to come up with something out of what felt like nothing.

I still want to carry my notebook with me and keep account of ideas but in the meantime, I think I will also embrace the anti-preparedness that is part of myself. Sort of turning a negative into a positive, right?


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