Yes, I know my title sounds so incredibly cheesy, but what can I say? It’s true! Reading IS fun….in my opinion anyways. I remember watching Reading Rainbow as a kid and just loving it. My mom would sign me up for library book clubs in the summer and I would check out as many books as I was allowed to and devour them, one by one. I know I got stuff for reading so many books, but I honestly don’t remember ONE single thing I won. All I remember is reading a lot of books and loving it!

Then when I moved to a new town and experienced being an unpopular kid who no one seemed to like, books became even more to me. When your real life isn’t so great, what better thing than to pick up a book and be whisked away to a castle or to a make believe land OR even to someone else who is an outsider but they become popular? It was just such an escape from life.

I still read constantly. My husband literally calls me “his little bookworm” because my nose seems to always be in a book. I read for fun mostly. I’m a big fan of mystery, horror and thrillers especially. I always have been and not exactly sure why because you wouldn’t think a woman who LOVES Teddy Bears would be such an avid reader of authors such as Stephen King or Dean Koontz but I love them! What can I say? I’m just very varied with what I like.

I like other types of books too, though. My love of books range from chick lit writers such as Sophie Kinsella to true crime writer Ann Rule to Christian writer Janette Oke. Oh and I collect Agatha Christie books….I have easily between 75-100 of hers. Between teddy bears and books…am I turning into a hoarder? LOL

Anyways, I was browsing one of my new blog friend’s pages yesterday and came across a reading challenge! It didn’t take long before I clicked on it and joined the challenge. I accepted the challenge of reading 100 books in 2011….and I probably already read that many in a year anyways, so…shouldn’t be too hard, right?

I wonder if I could go ahead and count the 10 or more I already read this year…would that be cheating? Not that I don’t think I could do it in the 9 months left just that I didn’t start at the beginning of 2011…..oh well!

This is my friend’s page where I found out about the challenge:

About ME | I Love to Read | Write | Share Knowledge.

Giving her credit for leading me to it! Oh and her blog is about reading and books so check it out! : )

If you’re interested in joining the reading challenge yourself, you can look for it on her page or on mine on the right side of the blog! And you can also look here to see how I am doing in my own challenge and what I have read already!

Oh and don’t be afraid, YOU decide how many books you’re going to read so if you know you don’t have much time, set the number as low as you feel comfortable with….if you have more free time, challenge yourself to a lot!

Happy reading!


  1. Hey Sharon this reading challenge is so much fun. I am so much like you I wish you lived next door. With our love of reading, I wonder if we’d ever get time to talk,lol. I joined the challenge and already think I will read more than that. I think I chose 12. I have met some nice people there too. Good reads is awesome, try LibraryThing as well. I do both but mostly the Reading Challenge. It’s stormy here do you like storms? I hate them! Great job on this post. Jackie loves it and you are an awesome writer too.


  2. This was an awesome post…I can really relate…tou wouldn’t know it by my bad grammar and horrible spelling but me loves to read ze books….and yea I meant to right that the wrong way…cause i know it bugs you just a little bit…luv ya Sharon


      1. haha yes yes I do. I felt like being evil for the day, I’m over it now. I’ll write the right way.


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