I admit it….I’m completely addicted to Facebook. It was exactly the same when I first discovered Myspace. It was like meeting this new friend who you just want to hang out with and talk to for hours. I became obsessed and had to get on a million times a day to see if there was a new message, a new comment or a new bulletin. I eventually parted ways with Myspace. I still have an account but the last time I logged in, I was really confused by the layout and overwhelmed. But I have replaced it with Facebook.

I can’t remember the first time I actually made a Facebook page. I think it was during my Myspace days. Just another site to have and find friends that maybe didn’t have a Myspace but I never used it too much. Everyone started moving to Facebook so you got to follow the crowd, you know? As Facebook developed more, it became much more user friendly to me and accessible and I had much more friends using it.

Now I diligently log into Facebook on my phone and as much as I can on the computer to see what’s going on. I think it’s just human nature to want to be able to tell people things and be able to openly see everything your friends are up to as well. Of course, it’s not just the friend aspect that allures me. I also have an addiction to Facebook games. I don’t know what it is that fascinates me so but it just does!

I’m an ex Farmville addict though and proud of it! It was fun at first but as they added more and more things, I got bored and the lag was ridiculous. The thought of going back to it holds no appeal for me either. There’s just too many new things and it would be like learning something completely new for me now. If I had to pick the one game I am obsessed with the most on there, it would be Treasure Isle. Digging for treasure is fun…..even though it’s not real. I don’t even have many friends who actively play it yet it still attracts me and my hubby seems to think it’s funny to give me a hard time about my obsession with it. But hey, he has his own games he is obsessed with. Most of my friends have at least a few.

Not all of them do, though. This fascinates me more than my obsession with the games. How do they keep themselves away from them? What secret super power do they hold and will they share?

It’s not like I want to have this addiction. I blame you, Mark Zuckerberg. Darn you for making such an addictive social networking site that keeps me coming back for more!

For now, I will return back to my Facebook page. The world could have changed dramatically since I started this post. Seriously!

Do YOU have a Facebook addiction? Are you addicted to any of the games?

P.S. I still have time for other things in my life. Facebook doesn’t OWN me completely BUT I do love it!


    1. Hmm…never heard of Puzzlebee but I hate when they start making you have to pay money for everything in order to pay. A lot of the games have been ruined for me due to that. I also hate how the number of friends you have playing it matters for a lot of them. I hate having to bug my friends with game requests begging them to play so you can basically continue in the game.


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