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{March 5, 2011}   Stress and the pay off

Yesterday, I started my new blog AND a fan page for it on Facebook. It proved to be a much bigger undertaking than I had originally thought but it’s coming along slowly. I am proud of what I have gotten accomplished so far with it, but I also realized that I have a long way to go when it comes to the intricacies of the computer. There’s tons of things you can do on Word Press that I still can’t figure out. I learn a little more daily but it’s difficult. I’m learning to love writing more and more but I’m not a computer genius. Figuring out codes and fixing up pages is challenging for me and I’m not a huge fan. It’s a part of doing a blog that I do not enjoy and makes me want to give up at times.

When I originally thought of doing my Teddy Bear blog, I was thinking of a daily thing where I post a picture everyday. After more consideration, I decided to not put that pressure on myself which is why the title of the blog doesn’t say it will be daily and I also do not allude to that anywhere on it. It’s a blog I want to do as something fun and not at all serious. Something meant to be stress free as much as possible. Therefore, I will try to update it as much as I can but THIS blog is my challenge blog. THIS blog will be updated daily, my other blog is the fun one.

I spent so much time yesterday working on the fun one though, that I got a little stressed. That is probably why I awoke today to a pounding headache. Imagine someone hammering a nail into a wall. Well, it felt like there was a person in my forehead that had moved in and was busy nailing pictures up inside my head like there was a wall in there! Yea, ouch! So, I got on the computer late today and was kind of feeling like maybe I shouldn’t have made an extra blog. Maybe it’s TOO MUCH, you know?

Then I saw a comment from someone saying that I inspired them to do a blog on one of their favorite things and “Great Job.” Automatically, I felt like all the stress was worth it. The metaphorical headache paid off. As for the person who moved inside my head this morning, I am giving them a lease and they will no longer be able to put anything on the walls!

P.s. Here is a link to my new blog:

{March 5, 2011}   Connect to my new blog!

Here’s the link to my new blog:

You can also fan me on Facebook here:

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