I’m adding an extra blog that’s going to have a theme. I credit 3 different things to this inspiration. One is the theme from last week’s photo challenge.

Two nights ago, I lay awake thinking of the theme. Abundance. What could I take a picture of? What do I have an abundance of ? Many things, of course, of which I am blessed but there was one big idea that stood out. Then I started thinking of two new blogs that I now subscribe to and look at everyday.

Thanks to the Daily Post doing a showcase on themed blogs, I now have a couple new blogs that I follow and love. One of them is called A LEGO A DAY.  Yep, you guessed it. Each day is a picture of legos! But it’s so much more creative and artistic than you would think by just reading the name. It’s basically just a picture and caption a day for the most part but the pictures are SO cool and photographed so well.

Day 216 « a LEGO a day. <—-There’s the link from today’s post if you want to go check it out. I really recommend it highly!

The second blog I have become a fan of is called  “Every day I see a cow”. When I first read the title, I was thinking, Ok, I am not a big cow fan at all and I will probably be bored BUT the title was intriguing. So I checked it out and I LOVE it! It’s a very well written blog and I am always excited to read it.

They have cows at Panda Express, not just funny-looking pandas! | Every day I see a cow. <—–I also recommend checking this blog out EVEN if you are unsure about the idea of cows. I’m SURE you will become a fan!

So….cows, legos and abundance. I know you are really curious as to what my new blog’s theme is going to be. Well, even though I am not sure how big of a fan base the idea may have, my theme is teddy bears. I have always had a huge obsession with them and I definitely have an abundance of them. Just ask my husband or anyone in my family! I collect them, they are in every room of our house and my parents still have tons of them at theirs in storage. I have pictures, figurines, stuffed animals, and just about everything you can think of teddy bear related. So why not make a themed blog where I share my love of teddy bears with others?

My best friend/niece even said, “They’re cute. Who doesn’t love teddy bears?” I may have to use her quote as a tagline! So I am starting a new blog very shortly and everyday, you guessed it, will be a picture of something teddy bear related! Hopefully someone other than me will like the idea, but if not, hey…it’ll be fun!

Thanks to A Lego a day and Every day I see a cow for their inspiration. Please, everyone check them out!

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