It’s now March…, time sure flies! Did you know that in the original Roman Calendar, March was the 1st month of the year until Julius Caesar reformed it? I didn’t, until today!

A lot of people will be celebrating Spring Break this month…at least, people in the South. I don’t really have any Spring Break plans….probably because my life isn’t interesting enough. I have a niece getting married this month though. I am so excited for her! Just wish I could be closer so I could give her a hug and wish her good luck in her future. I’m crossing my fingers that I will get to be there for her official wedding ceremony in December, though.

I feel like I have a different relationship with my nieces than most aunts seem to.  At least the nieces I had before I got married. I guess a lot of it has to do with our ages, but some of it also could be I lived with some of my nieces for many years, off and on. It almost feels like they are the sisters I never had. I have two sisters but one is 16 yrs. older than me and the other, 20 yrs. older. I always longed for a younger sister or at least one closer to my age. You know, for the times when you wanted to play a board game and your parents are busy. Having all my siblings so much older than me almost felt like being an only child at times. You just want a playmate. So in some ways, my nieces feel like younger sisters to me that I care about and want to look after. I just don’t get to see them as much as I want.

Anyways, here’s to another month of blogging and keeping up with my challenge! If you have Spring Break plans, good luck with them and good luck to my niece Lydia as she takes a huge step in her life this month and becomes a wife! I love you so much, girl and I wish you and Dru the best of luck in your future!


  1. Well you always felt like an older sister to me…which is why I have always called you Sharon instead of Aunt Sharon…when we lived with you, you even protected me from my actual older sister. I guess your the one I always wanted as an older sister…but hey at least we’re related in some way…lol


    1. Yea….that means I’ll always be connected to one of my best friends cause she’s related to me, LOL
      Cause if you’re spending time with me…it’s not just “I’m hanging out with my friend”…it’s also I’m spending time with my aunt 🙂 Good advantage there!


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