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{March 31, 2011}   Not again! I’m speechless…

Well, it was great while it lasted…I have gone longer than I thought possible of myself without running out of things to say. I knew it would eventually come….a blog writer’s block. I have no clue what to say today, I feel like all the words in my head have been relocated to a dumpster that now resides somewhere I have yet to find. If anyone else comes across a huge file of papers that are labeled, “The real Sharon’s words for her blog”, please notify me immediately so I can figure out how to get them back to me as soon as possible!

I guess I really shouldn’t be so down on myself for losing my words. I have had some of the longest blogs I have ever done this past week. I suppose it’s really no wonder that my words were exhausted and just got up and abandoned me. They probably need a vacation, right?

For some reason I have the song, “When you say nothing at all”, stuck on repeat in my head. Well…when the song states, “You say it best when you say nothing at all”….I seriously doubt that goes for ALL situations. I especially doubt that it goes for blog writing. Somehow writing nothing at all for a day on my blog doesn’t seem like it would be saying anything “best”. But I see how it works for love. Being a married couple, there are times where my spouse’s actions show his love far more than any words he could speak aloud.

But maybe that’s because my husband is notorious for the “I love you” dice. What does that mean, you say? Whenever we argue about ANYTHING and I am obviously upset, sometimes even angry, he likes to roll the invisible dice I call the “I love you” dice. This means he gives this sweet little puppy dog look and utters those 3 magical words….I love you. UGH! How can 3 little words be so, be so, be so…..grrr…..I love you, too!….I always seem to voice right back to him and usually with this aggravated look on my face and teeth clenched. Why does he think “I love you” can just solve everything? That it can end every fight?!

It’s really infuriating at times because it takes me right out of the middle of the argument we are having and I just lose all focus on what we were fighting about in the first place….Hmmm…..I think he must know that. How clever he thinks he is! But he is wrong…he can’t just stop the argument THAT easy! Roll your dice, mister and then the green light is back on…..but wait…..Who put the yellow light on?! Yep, you guessed it…the dumb dice went and knocked my green light down to a yellow light…..the fight has now lost its stamina and we are surely on the road to compromise city.

~Sighs~ Apparently my speechlessness has hit a rabbit trail….What’s that, you say? Speechlessness is not a word? Oh well…I created it, ok?!

Apparently some of my words stayed with me after all….or at least some of them decided I couldn’t survive if they all left. Maybe just some of them are on a timeshare….you think that’s possible?

{March 30, 2011}   So you want to write?

I have been told that I should consider becoming a writer ALL my life. Besides the fact that I tend to doubt myself as “good enough” to do so in the first place, I never really had the strong desire to do so. Well…at least not in the way I felt I should.

I wrote poems, songs and stories as a kid and it was fun. When it came to school assignments, it was a chore, though. I always did OK with books reports, essays and papers and I flew through English with straight A’s but writing for school was like a job I hated and didn’t get paid for. Maybe if I got paid for it, it would have been more enjoyable? Nah. I suppose not. You see, the problem was in school, you are told WHAT to write about. Sometimes they have a number of topics to choose from but for the most part, it was usually not anything I was remotely interested in researching or writing about.

I considered double majoring in college so I could add English because I do love it but the idea was quickly knocked down when I considered even more assignments that would be on topics that had no interest for me. When it’s something I WANT to write about, I feel like the words just flow easily. If it’s something I am not interested in,  I have to work really hard for it to come out sounding like I want it to.  And I was one of those kids you hate in school, except for math class….the ones that never study and always get good grades. Yep, those kids. I was just able to memorize a lot of information and retain it. Apparently, that ability decreases as you age because now I seem to forget where my sunglasses are when they are on top of my head. Lord, help me!

Anyways, I still didn’t get away without writing papers. College seems to love to incorporate writing in every single place it can find to fit it in. So…in piano and voice lessons as a Music Major, I did papers. Papers on the songs and the composers. Sometimes it was kind of boring, because it was still an “assignment” but some parts of it were interesting. I was told by both my piano and Voice teachers that I was a good writer, though. That kind of floored me because I thought my papers were mediocre. I did what I needed to do for the class. It wasn’t a writing or English class so I didn’t work as hard as I would naturally. Yet I was still told I was a good writer.

Since I left college, I have had family members encourage me to write. Some of my nieces remember these stories I would make up on the spot when they were little and how I was a good storyteller. I’ve had friends that have told me I should write a book. So what’s stopping me?

I used to use the excuse of how I hated writing…which is not the truth, really. I hate writing with a pen or pencil, yes, because my hand gets tired but since I started using a computer as a teenager, I have been drawn to write more and more. I LOVE to type, I could do it all day. This is one of the reasons why I have considered a job doing data entry or as a secretary; something along those lines. I just really have fun typing ANYTHING. Seriously…I know it’s sounds strange, but it’s true! So along with loving to type, writing becomes easier for me to do.

So now I guess I must confess the truths. 1) I’m a procrastinator! Most everyone who reads my blog knows this. The idea of writing a book and it actually being good means having deadlines in the future. Me and deadlines are not even mere enemies…we are mortal enemies. Let’s pretend I’m an angel…and family members of mine, take that smirk away right now! Well…deadlines are like the Devil and he’s sitting on my back telling me over and over again that I’m going to fail. Part of doing this blog was to help with the procrastination devil and while I have been able to overcome it for this blog….it’s still there on my shoulder. I fear it will never completely leave me so I guess I will have to learn to live with it or let it conquer me…

2) I said this earlier but it still remains true. That little voice inside me that says you’re not “good enough”. That tells me that people are just being nice and I could never be good enough to be a writer. Besides, I was born to be a performer, right? And a mother….That’s what I have always told myself, at least. I love to perform and I have always wanted to be a mother. There couldn’t possibly be a place in my life to be a writer, too, right?

3) Last but not least, fear of content in a book. Yes, I know, you are probably incredibly confused as to what I mean right now. Last night, I watched an episode of “Parenthood” with the hubby in which a woman on the show wrote part of a play. This older famous playwright wanted to look at it and see what he thought and she was very wary about letting him. She goes on to state that she was going to take out “all the personal stuff first”. He says, “You were going to take out all the personal stuff? And leave what? The boring stuff?…Do you WANT to be a writer?”

That part really stuck in my head. To be a good writer, you can’t be afraid to go there. You have to be able to talk about the “personal” stuff, the hard stuff. I’ve noticed that since I started this 2011 challenge, I have talked about a lot of things from my past that have been really personal and really difficult to talk about. After writing about them and putting them out there to the world, I have then thought back and wondered if that was the best thing to do. For me, personally, it was a very cathartic feeling to write about my past. Each time I deal with a hard subject, it feels like I am counseling myself. Like I am taking this weight that I bear off my own back and throwing it off. Like I am saying, Here’s this tough stuff I’ve been through and I’m done with it. I am not going to deal with it anymore on my own. I’m putting it out to the world, laying myself bare, here I am, world! This is the real me, love me or hate me. It’s really helping me but then I have wondered if it was a selfish thing and people really are bored by it.

After that episode last night, I realized that maybe me being able to let my personal stuff be laid out there means that I am ready to actually TRY to be a writer. When I think back on some books I have read…not just biographies but stories that feel like I am also a stalker into someone’s life behind closed doors; those books were some of the best I have ever read. I enjoy reading things that feel REAL to me. Who wants to read a book where all the emotions and stories behind it are completely fake? I think you can almost tell when there’s no real emotions behind the words and when there is.

When I write blogs about my life, there is completely 100% real emotion behind every word. It’s all heart, no fake…and I think that’s what real writing is all about. What do you think?

P.S. Sorry about the length of this blog. I will try to make tomorrow’s shorter…but no promises.

{March 29, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:OCEAN

I’ve only seen the ocean a few times in my life……only once that really counts. I saw it in Florida but it was from a distance and I saw the Atlantic Ocean twice as I flew above it to and from England when I went on a missions trip at 17. None of those times count really because I didn’t get pictures as I wasn’t close enough and I didn’t touch the water or the sand. The only time I have walked in the water and touched my feet to the sand was in Galveston. I think I was about 15 or 16, maybe, but not sure and it was on a youth trip at our church. Since I’m afraid of deep water, I appreciated it from the point of view of wading in the very shallow part (in other words, I just got my feet and ankles wet.) Here’s the few pictures I have of the ocean from that trip.


Rogue Jellyfish in Galveston, TX


I remember there being a lot of jellyfish in the shallow water…probably another reason not to go very far in!


A view of the ocean from inside the ferry

Another view of the ocean from the ferry

I, personally, have a fear of huge bodies of water. I guess it’s almost comical that I, who loves horror movies and stories would be afraid of something like deep water. I guess it’s just the idea of the “unknown”….the ocean is so deep and no one has ever been able to explore ALL of it and we probably will never be able to. What lurks below the surface of the water, miles and miles below? I don’t know and for me, I don’t really have the desire to know. I do think the ocean is a beautiful sight but there’s also an ominous feel to it as well for me.

Along with that fear comes a healthy respect for it as well. I think the ocean, along with other bodies of water, show how magnificent a God we have. The fact that he created all this water on our planet that takes up so much space and holds so many mysteries within while also providing nourishment from within the water, too. When I think of the ocean, I think beauty, I think fear, I think mystery, I think about the power of God and how great it truly is, but most of all, I am reminded how much more there is in this world to learn. There’s “oceans” of information out there that we ALL still have to learn.

{March 28, 2011}   Do things happen for a reason?

I believe they truly do. I have seen things in my own life to prove that. Most of my friends and family already know this story from my life but I thought I would share it with others.

My post yesterday along with the daily prompt yesterday brought this up in my head. The daily prompt yesterday asked about how on fire have you been…metaphorically or literally. Thankfully, I have never been literally on fire but I came close. Others may debate my story but I know the truth.

I was 11 years old and living with my mom, dad, and older brother in Austin, Texas. It was the summer of  ’94 and we were going to be moving in a few months to Lufkin, Texas to be closer to my grandma who was bedridden. Late in the evening one night, I was in the living room watching TV, my mom and brother were in the house somewhere and my dad was sleeping. My brother asked my mom about getting something from the grocery store so her and my brother were going to run there real quick and be back later. I asked if I could go along too and I was told no. Normally I would have just pouted and let it go but for some reason, I really wanted to go to the store with them that night. I cried and pouted and the answer was still NO. I got clever and decided to sneak out to the van and hid so I could go. Needless to say, I ended up going along with them, much to my mother’s disapproval.

When we returned from the store and turned on to our block, we saw fire trucks with flashing lights everywhere and I didn’t understand what was going on. We stopped and got out and we all realized our house had caught fire. My dad had gotten out and he was alright but the firefighters were working on the fire and all the smoke. I remember being in shock almost and very scared. It was a very surreal thing for me to imagine our house and all our belongings being up in smoke. I had a moment to think about the fact I could have been in the house and was relieved I wasn’t even though everyone seemed to think I could have woke my dad up sooner and got help quicker.

As the details of how the fire started reached my ears, I couldn’t help but get chills, though. The fire was caused by an electrical short in the stove in our kitchen. It blew up, causing the fire. Behind the stove was a wall, of course and on the other side was a recliner chair. To be more specific, my favorite recliner chair that I had been sitting in earlier, I ALWAYS sat in and if I had not left, I would have stayed sitting there watching TV. The wall was destroyed….so was that chair. I KNEW in my heart that I was meant to leave that house. I had a very strong overpowering feeling that led me to tears that I needed to get out of that house. And I knew when I heard what happened that if I had stayed, I would have died. There was no doubt in my mind then and there is still none to this day.

Family members have disagreed with me and said they think I would have been fine but they don’t know that feeling I had that night. They didn’t experience that overwhelming feeling I had when I KNEW that I had escaped death. They don’t have to believe if they don’t want to. Nothing will change the fact that I know that I was meant to not be there. I truly believe God and his angels were watching out for me and got not only me, but my mom and brother out so we wouldn’t have been in any danger.  My dad was asleep all the way on the other end of the house during it but God also got him out safely too and allowed him to call for help.

Our old house was fixed and remodeled some and now my middle sister and her family live there. We lost some things but were pretty lucky to have not lost more than we did.

I will always believe things happen for a reason and I will never believe it was coincidence that saved my life that night.

{March 27, 2011}   Sunday Hypocrisy

This is a post I’ve thought about doing for awhile now but kind of been putting it off. Due to the lack of anything else to blog about today and the fact that it IS a Sunday, I decided to finally do this blog. I know it may be kind of controversial but hopefully, people will understand what I mean….hopefully.

First of all, I was raised in church from the time I was a baby. It was embedded in me that you went to church Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night. It was a “You go every time the doors are open” kind of mentality. My parents are Southern Baptists but my dad was raised Methodist as a kid; in fact, his mom was a Methodist pastor. My mom was also raised in going to church, I believe she went to a Methodist church with her grandparents and Baptist with her parents. Not quite sure on that, but the point is, I was brought up in a Christian household.

There were times growing up as a child, that I was bored with it, honestly. Probably not the best thing to admit, but hey, I was a kid and you had to sit still for a LONG time. Church was so much of a routine though that I didn’t question it, I knew I HAD to go, so I went. I asked Jesus into my heart around 7 or 8. I remember it was after a car accident and I just had this feeling like I could have died and I wasn’t saved so I had a strong urge to do so. I don’t think I ever really told anyone right then that I had done so. I told my mom years later before I was baptized that I was saved.

Anyways, I continued going to church on a regular basis until a few years into college. Once I got active in a singing/dancing group and doing plays, etc., I became lazy at the thought of going to church and made up every excuse not to go. Since I was an adult, my mom would eventually relent and let me stay home but she was never too happy about it. The more and more I missed church, the harder it was to try to make myself go. And then it got to the point where it wasn’t just laziness keeping me from it.

I wasn’t the only one that entered college as a church goer and then suddenly, stopped going as much. There’s just something about a public college that has an effect on you, I suppose. For me, I started to look at church goers as hypocrites. I apologize for any friends and family that are reading this. It was just that I had started to grow up and I saw things I never noticed before. I saw people that called themselves Christians say and do some horrible things and it confused me. I remember this one particular girl that was a Christian and she liked to speak of it every other word she said. Later, I saw her in a halter top, belly showing, tight jeans, talking about going to the club and drinking. Needless to say, I had no respect for her from that moment on.

Not to say that all Christians are perfect angels. I still consider myself a Christian and I love God but I feel that if you are going to go around proclaiming your Christianity everywhere, you need to be prepared to back up what you say. If someone asked me if I was a Christian in college, I would say yes but I never just came into a room stating that fact. I felt like I was far from what I needed to be as a Christian and I had a lot of failings. To proclaim myself widely as a Christian and then backslide so much would have been a huge misrepresentation of the faith.

It’s hard enough as it is. I hear people frequently call Baptists in general, Hypocrites. It’s no wonder either, a lot of Christians ARE hypocrites. The stories I have heard about good little Christians and what they have done bad could fill a book.

On the other hand, we are all sinners. Being a Christian doesn’t take that fact away.

I only go to church on special occasions now, though. I have told myself I would start going back but I haven’t. I guess I have lost my faith in the idea of “church”. One huge thing that killed it has to do with a pastor I knew. Not going to say names and he wasn’t MY pastor but more of a guest one. I found out from my parents that they had witnessed him cuss and push his wife. After doing so, he had preached a sermon…a sermon calling out sin and sinners.

I find it hard to listen to someone preach that I KNEW did stuff like that….Does anyone fault me for that? In this day and age, a lot of secrets come out more than in the past. I find it hard to look at anyone that calls themselves a good Christian and not wonder what goes on behind closed doors. They seem so sweet but what are they really like at home?

So yea…The real reason I don’t go to church much anymore is because I feel like there are so many hypocrites. I also feel like a huge hypocrite myself. I’m not perfect, far from it.

I also don’t agree with how a lot of Christians treat others. Isn’t a Christian supposed to be Godlike?

I worked Census 2010 and I heard a friend of mine tell me about this person who was working it also and said they refused to work a certain area because of the people who lived there. This man was a proclaimed Christian who went on and on about that fact but yet, he thought he was too good for an area that was full of run down homes. This friend of mine is a Christian too but she doesn’t go around saying it all the time. She doesn’t go to church all the time but she had no problem going wherever. She will talk to anyone and she is the most kind, loving person ever and very non-judgmental.

I have met the most wonderful, loving Christian people that don’t go to church. Not saying they are perfect, we are humans and no one is perfect. I’m saying I have seen some better Christians come out of an environment where church isn’t a routine. And I have also seen people that call themselves Christians, go to church every time the door is open and are the most rude, judgmental, hateful people you could ever meet. So I am still a Christian, I believe in God, but I don’t think you HAVE to go to church to be a Christian.

P.s. To all my friends and family that DO go to church, please know that I’m not putting YOU down and I don’t think you are a hateful, rude person. I love all my friends and family members…if I actually thought this of YOU, I would not have you as a friend. Please don’t be hurt…I love you all!

{March 26, 2011}   Busy with Photos

The ocean is to blame. This is a random statement, I know, but true nonetheless. This week’s photo challenge is Ocean. Uh, could you have picked anything harder for me? Seriously!

The closest ocean to me is like 3-4 hrs. away, I believe, in Galveston. I have only been to Galveston ONCE in my life and it was for like a day and a half. Needless to say, I haven’t seen an ocean that much in my life and I can’t swim, so not much need to for me. I don’t know why I’ve always been afraid to learn to swim and going under water. My 2nd oldest sister is the same with water but my oldest sister is fine with it and so is my brother. My mom can swim good and so can my dad, I guess.  Anyways, that is off topic.

Since I have no plans to see an ocean this week, I will have to scour through photos I have around here and see if I can scrounge up a picture from my Galveston trip. I can already tell you it won’t be an award winning picture. I am guessing I was anywhere from 15 to 17 on that trip and pictures were taken with a disposable camera. I don’t want to find a pic online that’s copyrighted of an ocean because what’s the fun in that? I also don’t want to just pass on a week cause I would feel like a cheater, but if worse comes to worse, I may have to settle for posting a picture of a lake. It’s still a big body of water, right? And I do have some lake pics!

So instead of a thought provoking post today, I am going to be looking up that pic AND I’m also looking through old pics on my computer to add to my Facebook. It figures that one photo job would lead me to doing other things with photos, right?

Off I go to deal with pictures, have a nice day everyone! 🙂

{March 25, 2011}   More than a name

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”-From William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

It was my dad’s choice for me to be named Sharon. He wanted to name their second daughter Sharon but my mom really wanted her to be Sherri instead, so Sherri it was. After they had 2 girls and 1 boy, they didn’t plan to have anymore but when my mom was 40, she got a surprise. Since my mom picked the last girl name, my dad got his wish. On September 24th, 1983 I was born.

I guess you could say I had an “understanding” with my name. It was one of those names where I didn’t hate it but if I had more choice, there were much cooler sounding names I could have. It was also a bit annoying being called “Sherri” by accident by people because it sounded like “Sharon” sort of…..and then I would be like, nope…You can’t even call me that as a nickname cause that’s my sister! There were many times in my life I wondered why the heck people would name their kids two names that are so alike.

I also thought it was a “plain” sounding name at times. If you look up the meaning of “Sharon”, in Hebrew, it refers to “the plains of Sharon”, which is an Old Testament place name. The fact that my name seems plain to me and actually ends up meaning “plain” has a comical aspect almost. Within the “plain” of my name came the reason to love it too, though. In the Bible, it speaks of Jesus being the Rose of Sharon, meaning a rose from the plains of Sharon. Some translations say it might have actually been a crocus or another flower, but I’ll stick with rose. I love roses and at one time, I wanted my name to be Rose Marie. Now I like Sharon just fine and every time I hear “Rose of Sharon”, it makes me smile. I even had a rose engraved on one side of my class ring when I graduated high school. Why? 1) Because of the spiritual meaning between a rose and my name and 2)my love for roses.

But what’s really IN a name?

I was thinking on that question this morning and the quote from Romeo & Juliet popped in my head. In the play, Juliet quotes this to state just how moronic and childish the whole Montague/Capulet issue really is. She says, “‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy.” The whole problem with Romeo is not that he is a bad guy or not truly fit for Juliet but that his name is wrong. His name is the enemy of her family therefore their love is forever doomed. She wishes then he could just throw off his name like you would clothing. The example of the rose is that you could call a rose whatever name you like and it wouldn’t change how the rose smells. Call it a skunk and it would still be the same sweetness. In other words, It only matters what something IS, not what it’s called.

I remember back to right before I was married. I was about to change my name for the very first time. I had already practiced writing it dozens of times like little girls with crushes do. I had said my new name over and over in my head to see just what it would sound like. All that was left to do was to make it official. The day came and I went from being a “Lane” to a “Hughes”. I expected to feel different. Kind of like when I turned 16 or 18 or 21…any of those milestone ages. Of course, every time I turned any of those ages, I never felt different. I thought I would, but it was just another day. So I’m not sure why I expected much different in changing names but I did.

I thought, my name is changing so this is going to be this change in myself that I will feel. Nope. In fact, it took me quite awhile to remember to sign my new name instead of my old one. Every few minutes for the first few days as a newlywed, I would be like, “I’m Mrs. Hughes now! I’m married!” as if I needed to remind myself or I would forget. It drove me a little crazy that the name change didn’t change me inside like I thought it would.

But now that all this time has gone by, I now think, “Why would it change anything?” After all, no matter what I was named at birth and no matter what my last name may be now, I am still the same ME. When my husband calls me a pet name, that NAME is not me. I AM me.

I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a singer, a silly person, a performer, a dreamer, a kid at heart and so much more. There’s not a name out there that can define all I am nor all that YOU are. They say age is nothing but a number….I think a name is nothing more than an identifier. A way to tell who is who instead of resorting to saying, Person #1, Person #2, etc.

So…Who are YOU? Are you more than your name?

{March 24, 2011}   What would YOU do?

Who else is a fan of the show, “What would you do?”  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a hidden camera show where people are put in controversial types of situations and they see what people would do in that situation. I’m a fan of this show because I am always happy when I see someone stand up and do the right thing. Sometimes I feel like there are no good, brave people in this world left so it gives me hope when I can see that there ARE some out there.

In honor of that show, I decided to look for some What would you do type questions and answer them. Some are silly and for fun and some are more serious. You are welcome to copy the questions and do them yourself on your own blog if you want to. I would say you could also do them in the comments but it will be a long comment….feel free to post and answer the questions wherever you wish, just link back to me, please! : )

You won the lottery: I guess it would depend on the amount of the lottery but one of the first things I would definitely do would be to get lap band surgery….I know that’s probably selfish but it’s something I have wanted for awhile now and can’t afford…..I would then offer to help my family, such as my grandma, with any bills they need paid off and I would see about buying a house for me and my husband…it doesn’t have to be a mansion but I would like a nice house with at least a few bedrooms for future kids…I would try to help my friends in any way I could and at this moment in time, offer to help my niece with her upcoming well as pay for all my family to be there and fly back for Christmas
You got invited to be on a reality TV show: If it was one I wasn’t interested in, I would decline….it would depend on which one…
You caught a friend stealing from you: I would feel betrayed and question them as to why they felt they needed to steal instead of asking to borrow….if it’s something not too expensive, I think I would be able to talk it out and deal with it…if it was something really valuable or worth a lot more, then it might cause a rift between us but if it’s one of my best friend’s, I think I will still end up forgiving them….if it’s a friend that is more like an acquaintance, then it would be a deal breaker…
You witnessed a murder: I would go to the police and tell them everything I knew…no matter who did the murder…If someone is murdered, their family has the right to know….if I witnessed someone murdering someone I loved, I would have to fight myself from hurting them back
A random stranger offered you candy: Uh…I would either say No thank you or take it and throw it away later….lol
MySpace and Facebook closed: MySpace? wouldn’t bother me too much…Facebook would hurt a lot because that’s the way a lot of my friends who don’t have a WP can read my blog!
A genie granted you one wish: Right now I wish that ALL my nieces and nephews could live close to me
You lost your favorite possession: It would be hard to lose a desktop computer but if i somehow did, I would cry….
You found 10 dollars on the ground: If it’s outside in the middle of nowhere, I would pocket it….if it’s in a store or something, I would turn it into the office cause even though it’s just 10 dollars, it could be all a family has to survive on
Your date throws up on you: Well…since I am married, that would be my husband!….I would be grossed out, possibly get sick myself….change clothes and try to clean it up but there are worse things and I love him so i would forgive him
Someone cut off a chunk of your hair: AAAHHHH! It better be the split ends then! LOL…I would scream and freak out and be very upset! I would want to cut a chunk of theirs off as well!
Your favorite celebrity comes to visit you: I would faint….and then I would freak out cause I would probably be in my nightgown with my hair a mess, cause that’s the way life works!
You were stranded on an island with nothing but the ability to make one phone call: Could I do a 3 way call? LOL…..Well…I would want OFF the island, right? So I would try to call 911 or police or something and see if they could TRACE the call, see exactly where I was located and send help!

What would you do if you saw someone being bullied? I would try to stick up for them if I could because I personally have been where they’ve been and I know what it felt like to be bullied in front of many other people who just sat there and did nothing….Some of the people being teachers which is just shameful to me…How can you live with yourself if you knew that your lack of actions could possibly cause someone to commit suicide?

This last question was one that the show, “What would you do?” constantly uses in different ways. They will show people getting bullied because of their weight, their looks, their race, etc. and see if anyone steps in. Every time I see someone step up and stand up for them, it brings tears to my eyes. I look back on the years when I was bullied and wonder if things would have been different if anyone, even one person, had stood up for me. To me, people that stand up against bullies are angels in disguise. I never had an angel stand up for me so in the future, I want to be someone else’s angel if I am put in a situation where I can be. I don’t want a person to endure what I was forced to go through and I intend to teach my future kids to stand up against bullies as well.

Standing up against bullying is a major thing for me and this is probably NOT the last time I will bring it up in a post. I would love to know what are YOUR thoughts on bullying and would YOU stick up for someone who was being bullied? If you have kids, do you try to teach them how wrong bullying is?

What would YOU do if you knew your child was being bullied? What would YOU do if your child was the one who was the bully?

These questions make you think, don’t they?

{March 23, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:SPRING

Ok, so these aren’t NEW pics for me, but they are new to whoever is reading my blog. I took these photos in May of 2008 at this old farm nearby. I think these pictures are so beautiful and GREEN and just scream, SPRING!

Ah, the beauty of nature in Spring!

Can you put a caption on beauty?

A long, winding road

{March 22, 2011}   Addictive Personality

I guess you could say I have an addictive personality….meaning that when I find things I love, I tend to become addicted to them. So I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t like alcohol very much and I have never had the desire to smoke or do drugs. At least I don’t have to worry about becoming an addict to drugs.

But as you already know, I definitely have a Facebook addiction, I’m addicted OR obsessed with Teddy Bears and I would even say that I am addicted to my husband, but not in a scary, creepy way. I wonder how many other people out there consider themselves to have an addictive personality and if so, what are you addicted to?

Extend my FB addiction to the Internet, in general. The amount of information you have right at your fingertips through the world wide web is just phenomenal. Any thing you ARE addicted to, you can find online and sometimes it can be overwhelming and even time consuming if you tend to be a procrastinator as well…which I am.

So just a warning before you read any more….If you have an addictive personality and you are a procrastinator, you may prefer to leave this post now. I know that’s silly of me to warn any one away from my blog…but just be forewarned because I am going to share with you some sites, old and new, that I have found and fallen in “addiction” with…and share the addiction with you!

You’ve been warned!

1. This site would be not too bad to be addicted to….you couldn’t spend TOO much time here…. <—-Amazing go-to site when you want to know what cd’s, books, dvd’s and video games are coming out soon….ONE page that tells you ALL that have been released in the last week up to 2 weeks in the future! No more clicking to a million pages back and forth to find out…..this is a must bookmark site!

2. <—-If you love to click, this is the site for you! You will end up clicking so much, you will be clicking in your sleep! Basically, you go here and like whatever tv shows, movies, cd’s, books, topics, etc. as much as you want to your heart’s content, check in to what you’re doing at the moment, stay connected with what your friends are watching, reading, etc. and earn stickers…..after you get so many of these stickers, you can get the actual ones mailed to you, for FREE! 🙂 This site was a recent find of mine and my reason for blogging so late a couple times this past week!

3.<—-This is not what it may sound like! I found this site last night….you can pick a picture of you and one of your friends OR a celebrity and see what your baby might look like.                                 What addicted me so much is that the babies turn out looking better than what most apps like this that I have tried in the past made them look! I put in a pic of me and my husband and got a very cute looking baby boy! I will share with you!

What our baby boy "might" look like!

4.<—An oldie but goodie! We all have been to Wal-mart, right? And we all have seen some pretty strange looking people there as well….this site has tons of funny, crazy, wacky pics of people at Wal-mart’s all over! You can even search by state….if you’re not too afraid YOU might be on there!

5. Ok, this site is a blog that is a GREAT inspiration for bigger women! But it’s also great for others to read and truly see that “One size does not fit all” which is their slogan. Very inspirational blog and I love it!

Ok…..if you’re still reading this, I hope you enjoyed at least one of these sites as I think they ALL are great in their own rights! 🙂

I am also sure I will keep you guys posted in the future if I find any more cool sites that you should check out! Oh….and feel free to share some with me, too! Equal opportunity here! 🙂

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