I’m forced to do my blog earlier than I have done it in the past few days due to my husband needing the computer tonight for a couple hours. Not that this is a completely bad thing. I’m sure I know of at least one constant reader of my blog who will be happy to see that I have a post that is more than 30 minutes to an hour before the next day!

The Daily Post asked “What’s your hidden talent?” today. Well, most of the people close to me already know what I like to say is my hidden talent. I can mimic a baby’s cry. Seriously…… I can make it sound like a real baby is crying in the room with you even though there’s not one. I like to think it’s a cool hidden talent. Maybe it’s not one that can be widely used but still neat in its own regard. I actually did get some use from it though. Back in college, I got to do sound design for a play called “Yellow Boat” and even though a lot of my hard work didn’t get shown(mainly because I didn’t realize I needed to ask for help on my assignment until it was too late); my baby cry talent was showcased in the play. Nowhere in the pamphlet of the play was it stated that this was so but nevertheless, it is so and when I went to see the play, it made me smile. Is that a baby crying? Nope…it’s a grown adult who can mimic a baby’s cry. Yep….I am proud of my hidden talent. Don’t hate on me, please.

So I told you mine…..What’s yours?


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