This is the first day in over a week that I remember feeling even slightly human. Surprising since last night, I coughed so much, I probably could have called up The Guinness Book of World Records and possibly broke the record for most coughs in a row. It was just a cough, though. I don’t think I had a fever with it, there wasn’t much pain, it was just tiring and annoying. Normally, when I got like that, I could lay down, fall asleep and be fine. Last night was the exception. I just could NOT stop coughing and I was trying everything. I finally found some Mucinex in the closet and decided to try one of them. They haven’t ever worked for me in the past and tend to make me cough more but I thought, what the heck. About 10 minutes later, my coughing had slowed down considerably and I was falling asleep. Thanks to my sweet mother coming over to the apartment in the middle of the night with some cough syrup, I actually got plenty of sleep. She is so awesome. I love my mom!

So today has been a lot better. Much less coughing but I’m in zombie mode at the same time. My body is still in la-la land even though I can walk and talk. I gave permission to my husband to call the doctor in the morning if I am still coughing but if I can have another day like today or even better, I may be fine without that. YAY!

Kudos to my beloved friends and family who have been reading my post this past week. I know it hasn’t been as interesting lately, but knowing you actually care, gives me the motivation to make time no matter what for a short post every day. Haven’t missed a day yet!

Fingers crossed that I am on my way to getting better!

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