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{February 25, 2011}   Sick and tired of being..well, you know!

I am SO sick and tired of being sick and tired! The only way I don’t just stay coughing my lungs up continuously is if I down Nyquil, pop a cough drop, put Vicks Vapor rub all over my chest and the bottoms of my feet, perform a few acupressure tricks I found online and sleep…..and if I wake up, try to go back to sleep. As long as I stay sleeping, I am usually fine and don’t cough as much. The second I decide to sit up for awhile or move around, it’s back to the non-stop coughing. And then if my husband decides he wants to talk to me, it gets worse. Why, you ask? Because if I start talking too much, I eventually cough so much that I can’t stop. So I try to tell him I will talk later because I need to rest my voice. Of course, he seems to think this is hilarious that I need to rest my voice. But it’s the truth! It helps if I remain quiet and don’t talk. And sleep is good as well. I DO get tired of just sleeping though, but I guess it becomes the lesser enemy eventually. Either cough my lungs up and the replacement pair that I do not have, as well….or sleep through it all and hope eventually I will wake up to the end of the horrible cough.

I hate coughing…..I swear, it’s an annoying little devil at the back of my throat playing tickle back there and I am considering murder for the first time in my life…..If only I could reach the devil that’s doing it…..I would so kill it right now!

I miss doing my blog so much and I can not wait to finally feel better so I can get back to it…right now, I just want to make the coughing stop…..: (

allison says:

you need to go to the doctor and get some real cough syrup, that’s sounding like it’s turned into bronchitis.

postadaychallenge2011 says:

I had this illness and it to antibiotics to rid of it. I had it three weeks. Be well my friend.

Yea, calling the doctor on Monday if my cough is still here

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