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{February 20, 2011}   Does God have a sense of humor?

Today in my “Women’s Book of Confidence” was about Heeding Physical Clues. In other words, trying to figure out what your body is trying to tell you when it’s hurting or sick. But the only thing going through my mind at the moment is that my life is freaking me out with how everything is fitting together. How strange is it to be reading about this NOW when I was feeling sick yesterday and I feel I may possibly be either suffering from allergies again or getting another cold/flu. UGH! I hate coughing and I am not sure what my body is telling me to do other than to maybe take some medicines and rest? Any ideas? Anyone?

How incredibly boring my life feels right now. How can I write exciting posts when my life is anything but? ~Sniffle sniffle~ Don’t worry…I’m not crying, it’s just allergies. Why is life so cruel to make me allergic to where I live? I am allergic to Pine trees and I live in a part of Texas known as the PINEywoods. Is that cruelly ironic or what?  I really believe that God has a very strange sense of humor indeed.

Here’s some evidence for you:

A man: God, how much is a million dollars to you?
God: It is but a penny.
A man: God, how long is a million years to you?
God: It is but a second.
A man: God, could you please give me a penny?
God: Sure, just a second.

There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black:

1. He called everyone brother

2. He liked Gospel

3. He didn’t get a fair trial

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish:

1. He went into His Father’s business

2. He lived at home until he was 33

3. He was sure his Mother was a virgin and his Mother was sure He was God

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Italian:

1. He talked with His hands

2. He had wine with His meals

3. He used olive oil

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was a Californian:

1. He never cut His hair

2. He walked around barefoot all the time

3. He started a new religion

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was an American Indian:

1. He was at peace with nature

2. He ate a lot of fish

3. He talked about the Great Spirit

But then there were 3 equally good arguments that Jesus was Irish:

1. He never got married..

2. He was always telling stories.

3. He loved green pastures.

But the most compelling evidence of all – 3 proofs that Jesus was a woman:

1. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was virtually no food

2. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn’t get it


3. And even when He was dead, He had to get up because there was still work to do

Ok,ok…those were obviously 2 jokes and NOT actual evidence but hey, it made me laugh and hopefully it will make you laugh. I believe in God and I am a Christian but I also believe there’s nothing wrong with a little Christian humor, if done in good taste.

*Note: These jokes came from the Internet, not from me.*

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