Today’s entry in “The Woman’s Book of Confidence” was all about erasing guilt from your life. The most interesting thing I learned from the entry is that “Guilt” is a strictly English word. I even looked it up online to prove it to myself!

guilt – word origin and history.

I found it rather humorous when I read The Daily Post’s topic of the day, though. Today it suggested you describe the perfect crime. I don’t think I want to follow the directive for today because I just don’t really think about committing crime. I do think it’s funny how my confidence boost was about erasing guilt and then the Daily Post wants me to talk about committing a crime. Rather ironic, wouldn’t you say?

If someone commits a big crime, then I think they SHOULD feel guilt for it. It’s more about not feeling guilty over every little thing. I think the feeling of guilt is rather overused nowadays. If you forgot to clean the kitchen today, you feel guilty. If you made a tiny mistake, you feel guilty. I think when it comes to something so minor, it’s good to stop yourself from feeling guilty and just move on.

So far, I am 2 days into this book and I really feel like I am learning so much. I really think this book is going to be a great confidence builder for me. I don’t want THIS to take over my posts everyday though cause I didn’t do a blog JUST to have it be over confidence or to strictly be inspirational. I would love to know I am inspiring anyone but I don’t want my blog to be based on any one thing. This blog is about me and what makes me ME. It’s about what I’m going through in my life. It’s about emotions and feeling inside me that I want to share with others. It’s about things I feel compelled to say and not just keep inside me. It’s about the Real Sharon and the real Sharon is not just one thing all the time. No one is.

So…I would love to hear feedback from whoever reads my blog. Do you like that I don’t have a themed blog or would you like it if I stuck to a theme? And what do you think about hearing about my daily confidence boosts? All comments are greatly appreciated and welcome!

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  1. I see guilt as a “racket” Either you are doing something wrong and the guilt serves to make you stop or you aren’t doing anything wrong and shouldn’t feel guilt. Like the idea that it originally might have meant pay. If you have hurt another and realize it and feel guilt, then an amends is in order.


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