I woke up today feeling extreme vertigo and sadly, it has STILL not gone away. I think it may be due to allergies or having a headache also this morning. Regardless, it has left me feeling very blah and uninspired today so instead of doing a regular blog, I am posting an old blog I did on my old Myspace account. Some of my friends may have read it back in March 2009 when I first posted it, some may have not. I think it was a good blog post, though and I enjoyed reading it again after all this time. So…maybe others will enjoy as well!

Here it is:

It all starts with a wrapper

Current mood:contemplative
Appearances are most definitely not always what they seem and things don’t always turn out as you expect them. I, for instance, woke up this morning thinking my long streak of not blogging very often would not be contested. Little did I know that a cracker wrapper would cause me to blog again.
I started to open one of those little 2 cracker wrappers at Catfish King today, got the wrapper off and then to my chagrin….the wrapper was still on…There was a complete empty wrapper in my hand yet the crackers had yet another clear plastic wrapper still on them. That was definitely not what I expected and it was kinda a shock to the system, all be it, a small one of course.
This got me to thinking about how people get used to things one way and the slightest variation seems to just totally throw off your structure…it’s not what you expected. Another funny example, I remember going to this Chinese restaurant with one of my sisters once and we all got a fortune cookie of course. She opened hers and she, as well as the rest of us at the table were surprised to see her cookie was empty….how odd that is…Does that mean that she indeed had no fortune at all or did the machine making the cookies possibly run out of them?
Even stranger than this alone, when she was brought yet another cookie, this one did have a slip of paper in there but on this slip was written, “Buy more fortune cookies”…so it seems that she was indeed not meant to have a fortune that day, lol. And our expectations were messed with quite a bit.
But they are everyday in seemingly unnoticeable ways. That person sitting next to you may seem like the nicest person in the world but under the facade lies a dangerous person.The person who promises change yet fails to explain what kind of change that is might be sneaking under the radar a hidden disaster. You might pick the empty line over a full one expecting it to be quicker only to realize the reason the full line is so full is that the empty line is commanded by an incompetent fool. You may go to sleep tonight all warm and snug in your bed never expecting that when you wake up in the morning, the world as we know it could be changed forever.
A lot of thoughts come to you sometimes while you’re opening a wrapper…..


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