A house hidden away in the hills along the Devil's Backbone route

This was a picture I actually took in July 2009 but I thought it fit the Curiosity theme very well and it also strangely fits what today is. Valentine’s Day is all about love and this picture was taken during my honeymoon with my husband. On the last day of our honeymoon, we took a drive through the very scenic Devil’s Backbone or RR 32. This route runs from San Marcos to Blanco, Texas. I didn’t even know such views existed in Texas and to think, for the first 11 years of my life, I lived within an hour of them!

I remember seeing this house way up on the hill and feeling very curious. Did someone still live there or was it abandoned? How do you get up to it? I almost envisioned it as a ghost house from a movie. Right away, I thought of “House on Haunted Hill”. Of course, the fact that the whole Devil’s Backbone has a haunted history helps in this regard. Unsolved Mysteries actually did a story on it in January 1996.

Central Texas: Devil’s Backbone.

For those of you who do not know, my husband is a ghost hunter and is extremely intrigued by haunted places. While planning our honeymoon in San Antonio, the idea of a beautiful scenic route with a haunted history was right up both our alleys.

I’m going to cheat and include a 2nd picture from Devil’s Backbone that also fits the Curiosity theme.


This sign was outside of the Devil’s Backbone Tavern. I couldn’t help but wonder if the “Welp hanted” was an accidental rearranging of letters or a purposeful play on words. Hanted is not the same word as Haunted but it could have easily been a silly play on the fact that the area is reportedly just that….Haunted.

One day I want to drive down the Devil’s Backbone again, stop in the Tavern for a chat, and maybe even take a drive down the adjacent Purgatory Road to see where THAT leads. It’s definitely a drive I would recommend to others. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

For now, I have an even more challenging expedition to add to my “to do list”.

The Three Sisters” or ” The Hundred Mile Loop” (RR335, RR336, & RR337) are without a doubt the best roads to be found in the Hill Country of Texas! They follow canyons and climb over jagged, steep and crumbling hills. They have many tight twisty curves with shear drop offs and not much in the way of guard rails. In one section about 15 miles long, there are around 65 curves. If you like scenic panoramic views, bring your camera, and hold on!

Sound scary? A little. Do I dare to take on the challenge! Heck yes! I can NOT wait for the day when I can check out THIS route! I am genuinely curious and excited!


  1. the photo of the house that you took in 2009 on your honeymoon is my grandpas house and it might be a bummer but the house is not abandoned. he still lives in the house and we live not far from him. it is funny seeing this photo and reading the post on it. just thought you should know.


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    1. Awesome! I have since figured out that there are obviously gated roads that lead to the houses out there. How cool that you saw this. Hopefully, you weren’t offended by my interest. 🙂


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