Don’t you just love road trips? There’s just something about getting out on the wide, open road and exploring new places. Me and my husband went on a day trip to a different city about 2 hrs. from our home today. It was part shopping trip, part relaxing drive for me(at least somewhat) and a fun way for me and my hubby to spend time together.

There were some interesting moments, though. Like arguing over directions….Thanks to having a printer that is out of ink, I wrote out all of the directions with ALL intended stops in order by hand. It took me 4 pages….THEN I realized you could send the directions to your phone. Oh well…I took the written directions anyways!  Nevertheless, there was some arguments when it came to needing him to read the directions for me and he wasn’t doing it adequately enough for me. So therefore, you have a crazy woman trying to read directions and drive. Sorry to all the drivers who almost met their doom due to this. Luckily, there were no accidents.

I brought my digital camera along but sadly, all the pictures I got were taken from my phone and none of them really fits my photo challenge theme. I saw a few things I wanted to take pictures of but I was driving and it was hard enough to try to read directions and drive…..I don’t think I could have pulled off the taking pictures too. I wanted to pull over and take a picture of a sign that said “Magic Carpets”. The hubby didn’t want to, though….How could you not be intrigued by the idea of Magic Carpets?! Seriously?

And my well thought out itinerary got messed up a little…we decided to forgo one of the places we wanted to look at and the place we were going to eat supper due to being tired. BUT my directions were to get back from one of those places so of course, we had to stop and ask how to get back home. Sadly, there were no red ruby slippers given to us and the advice to click our heels 3 times and utter those 5 words…”Please take me back home”….I mean “There’s no place like home”.  I sent my hubby into a convenience store for directions while I stayed in the car, staring at an imported palm tree plant and the emergency stop button for gas. Is it ok to admit that I was wondering what would happen if I pushed it?….Well….my husband came out not with ruby slippers, but an antenna head deal that had a UT helmet on it instead. It was cute, I only wanted directions, but I guess I will take a bonus too. He, of course, placed the little UT head onto the car antenna and we were off and on our way. About 5 minutes later, I hear this bang on my roof. I jump up, “What was that?!” and my husband tells me that he thinks the head committed suicide. Well, he didn’t exactly say that, he said he thought we just lost our new decoration but I can take creative license, right? So I am thinking, well, THAT was a complete and utter waste of money and then THUNK on top of the roof again!…..So now I am wondering what the heck is going on? And then THUNK THUNK THUNK every 5 seconds… now I am realizing that no, the head is still on there, it’s just attacking my car! After a short pull over on the side of the road, the head was removed from my antenna, my car was no longer under attack and now we have a head rolling around in my backseat somewhere.

Maybe it will work on my mom’s car….

Well, we had a good time on our road trip anyways and now we are both tired. Me, more so, because I did all the driving but I love to drive….That’s another story all in itself …..but that’s for another day!


  1. lmao…thats great I love that it was attacking your car…and it sounds like chad to go in some place and come out with something weird.I would have totally stopped to see the magic carpets though…i mean come on magic carpets…whats not to love…lol


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