Which would YOU choose?

It’s the old debate: Beauty or brains? We have all thought about it at sometime in our lives. Would you rather be super-intelligent or super good looking?

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I feel like my answer to this is your basic run of the mill Miss America answer. I automatically would pick super intelligent because I feel like looks will only get you so far and looks also fade whereas intelligence, you can always bank on that if you got it. I believe a lot of people would secretly love to have the super good looks, though. I would be lying if I said I have never in my life wished I was super model hot. I mean, come on, look at the celebrities on TV. The popular girls that seem to get all the guys. When they say sex sells, they are NOT lying. We all know it’s true. Sad, yes, but unfortunately, it is true.

But maybe intelligence is sexy in its own right, too. After all, who wants a bunch of dumb hotties walking around this planet that don’t have the foggiest idea how to do anything past doing their hair or make-up. Maybe a hot girl looks good on a guy’s arm but at the end of the day, there’s no substance. There’s no meaningful conversation. You’re not learning anything from each other, not allowing each other to grow.

So, yea…..I would pick super intelligent over good looks any day. Besides…if you are smart enough, you could figure out how to make yourself look better through scientific means, right? BUT if you’re just good looking and don’t have the brain capacity, you’re not going to be able to get anywhere near super intelligence.

Ok…this is just a side note here. Tomorrow me and my hubby are going out of town for the day for some shopping, browsing, and spending time together. Sort of an early V Day date kind of thing. I am so excited! I’m going to bring my camera along so I can take some pics and maybe get some inspiration for my photo challenge blog this coming week. You will have to wait to see what the theme was. I am really thrilled to see what direction my photo post takes me!


  1. I would totally pick intelligence too. I think about it this way, if your smart you can control your good-looking but not so bright partner…jk


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