This is a rather late post for me. I apologize for that but I have just been slow getting to my blog today.

I just thought I would share something funny from last night or rather VERY early this morning. I was searching for restaurants near the Longview, Texas area because me and my husband are thinking of going there sometime shopping. Well, I was searching on my phone and not sure what site it was, but I found one that listed all the restaurants in the area. There were quite a few names of restaurants that were rather interesting but a few really stuck out in my mind. There was “Dis Diner”, “We Bee Cookin'” and “The Hungry Hole”. LOL…Those really got me to cracking up…..and then of course I realized that you could say, “We’re going to Dis Diner first and then We Bee cookin’!” and I was literally rolling around laughing. I had tears coming from my eyes and so did my husband. Since I have never been through Longview much, not sure if those were REAL names of restaurants but I still got a laugh from it.

I decided to look up funny restaurant names online today to see what other ones I could find. Here are a few restaurant names as well as other signs that I found that I thought were hilarious!

(I left out some more vulgar sounding ones as to not offend any of my readers)

Is there where Sweeney Todd goes to eat???
Not jumping up and down to move HERE!
Not very appealing.....
I've seen this somewhere before....
Really? You need a degree to wash a car now?!
I'll wait for my hair cut!


British Restaurant Names

  • Absolutely Souper
  • Lettuce Eat
  • Sam Widges


Absolutely Souper

Nice Food

Pizza the Action

Salt & Battery

Sam ‘n’ Ella’s (Salmonella’s)

Wok This Way

OK….You’ve probably had enough for now….Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did AND if you know any funny restaurant names, store names, street names, city names, etc., feel free to share! 🙂

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