I just burned a pizza I was cooking….I got distracted and forgot to take it out until 8 minutes too late 😦

~sighs~ Sucks…

Anyways…the real point of this post was something inspired by Glee last night. Well, that and the fact that a few people seem to think Glee is a stupid show and don’t even want to bother to watch it and give it a chance! Glee is awesome and I think kids who have ever been in Glee Club or Choir are treated completely unfairly. There was never a Glee Club at the schools I went to, but I did Choir whenever I could and church Choir all through my school days. Until I took Theatre in college, I never thought there could be a class that was more fun. You show up, you sing and it’s an easy A. What more could you ask for?

And for anyone who thinks it’s dumb or “gay” to be in Choir…..Well, you should check out who all has been in choir!

Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively, Jason Mraz, Anne Hathaway….Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond sang in choir together….Dee Snider sang in church AND school choir….Pink was in her h.s. choir and told she would never amount to anything! Glenn Close was in a group called Up with People…Woodrow Wilson was in the famous Virgina Glee Club and Cole Porter was in Yale Glee Club, Theodore Roosevelt was in Harvard Glee Club! Peter Gallagher, Andy Griffith, the list goes on and on…..just do a search online. I, myself, was surprised at some of the people that have been in Glee Club and/or Choir!

For those of you who just haven’t had time to watch Glee or have other reasons and you don’t think Glee is dumb, I HAVE to post a video of the Halftime show that was on Glee last night. They did a mashup of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads will roll” and it was A-MAZ-ING! They should have performed THIS for the Super Bowl Halftime instead of the Black Eyed Peas(who I usually love but they weren’t so hot last night!)

Confession: One of my reasons for also posting this is for my best friend in Indiana who reads my blog EVERYDAY and when I saw this last night on Glee, I automatically thought of her and KNEW she would love it! So this is also for you, Beckah! 🙂

You have to actually click to go to youtube on this and watch it…sorry 😦 It won’t let you do playback directly from wordpress. What a bummer!


  1. with you 100%, i’m from a completely different generation, and just blown away by this show! it is, without a doubt, the most creative TV show in many, many years.


  2. I tried to comment earlier in the week but it wouldn’t let me…That video was great thanks for thinking of me and putting it on here.


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