That isn’t watching the Super Bowl tonight?

I hate football…so sue me….My husband has taken over the living room watching the Super Bowl and I am in the computer room enjoying the quiet. Well…I can hear the hum of the computer but to me, it is soothing compared to sounds of the football game, clapping, cheering and booing that is probably going on in the other room. The only part I watched was the singing at the beginning and the half time show….which the sound was kind of messed up for the Black Eyed Peas but the lights and dancers were cool.

I spent over 2 and a half hours today inputting information for this insurance group my family is a part of it. I am basically doing it for no money unless they miraculously decide to pay me. It was rather a headache, very tedious and time consuming and I am so glad to be finished with it. I didn’t HAVE to do it but I am pretty much the only one computer savvy enough to do it so I offered.

Oh and now my husband has decided to open the door and annoy me….ugh…..I love him but he can really get on my nerves sometimes! I told him I was doing my blog post so he would leave me in peace again…..then he pretended to close the door, opened it again, repeated a few times, then finally closed it….sometimes I feel like I am married to a little kid! LOL

I told him I was going to write about him if he didn’t go away….well, I am writing anyways! I love how my blog can be turned into a negotiating tactic.

Well…that’s really all she wrote. Not very inspired today. Maybe I will be tomorrow…..after the Super Bowl is Glee(which I am addicted to!) And…another episode on Tuesday! YES! I really miss my fix of Glee!

Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone! Good night!


  1. Sharon just because I was rooting for the steelers doesn’t mean I watched it. I kinda knew the Packers would win and decided I didn’t even want a part in it…so I didn’t find out who actually won till this morning when I got on here and saw your husbands comment.


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