Anybody who knows me well knows that I LOVE to read. You know the scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle is walking through the town with a book in her hands? That’s me right there. A great book is like taking a vacation away from your life, experiencing new things and getting to do it all for free.

So of course, I want a Kindle or a Nook Book or any of those electronic readers. Who out there who loves to read wouldn’t want one, right? Maybe one of these days I will buy me one, but at least I still have regular books to read. I don’t think I will ever give up regular books. There’s just something special about holding that book in your hands and flipping the pages. Especially a new book. That new book smell. I will always embrace a new way of accessing more and more books but a regular hardcover or paperback book…I don’t think my love for those will ever fade. I guess even in the midst of more and more technology everyday, there is just something to be said of just old fashioned, traditional things. Maybe it’s the nostalgia. When I have kids though, they WILL have regular books in their life. I want them to feel that joy of having a brand new book.

And…I am so excited to have a new challenge added to my blog! The Daily Post is doing a new weekly photo challenge that sounds like so much fun. Each week, they are going to provide a theme for creative inspiration. I will be taking photos based on my interpretation of that theme and then post them  as one of my posts for that week. The first theme is BOUNDARIES. So sometime before next Friday, I will be posting the first one.

I’m doing this mainly because it seems like a lot of fun, but also because it gives me an opportunity to be more creative and to learn to take better pictures. I hope everyone who reads my blog is as excited as me to see what these posts will turn out like!


  1. I want a Kindle – really bad. Yes I love my books at home but the kindle I will buy next year as the price should go down as the TV’s have since they came out with the new ones. RIGHT RIGHT!


    1. Yea, I am hoping the price goes down as well! I like the idea of being able to take the Kindle with me on trips easier and just carry it in my purse. Not to mention the many FREE books you can access through it!


  2. omg, no wonder we get along, new book smell is one of my favorites! max has laughed at me several times for smelling books!


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