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When teleportation is finally possible, where would I go? Ok, well, besides the fact that I truly do not ever believe  it will be possible, I will go ahead and dream. I mean, there was a time when people didn’t envision computers and cell phones either, I guess.

If I could teleport, it would BE a dream come true. No more missing out on seeing my nieces and nephews whenever I want to. I would leave right this second and spend tons of time in Indiana first. A couple of my nieces there, I have not seen since July 2009, as well as my two great nephews. They are growing up so fast and all I get to see are pictures and videos every once in awhile. One of them will be 4 soon. His name is Thomas but everyone calls him Tommy. He seems like such a character from what I hear. The other one is almost 2 and he is Michael Dylan, nicknamed Mikey. Last time I saw him, he was 3 months old and he was so itty bitty. My favorite picture from my wedding is a picture of me holding him. I love those little guys so much!

Me and my great nephew Mikey

It would also be so awesome to just be able to teleport to all my friends and all of us just go to anywhere in the world whenever we wanted. Europe would probably be my first choice. England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland….ooo, and of course, Germany! Sightseeing on a budget would be no problem! This topic might have led to my new fantasy for myself. If only we COULD teleport.

Actually, right this second I would teleport myself to the hairdresser….LOL….I really could use a trim and some thinning of my thick, wild hair. My husband likes to call my hair a bird’s nest when I get up in the morning. Sadly, he is not exaggerating. : ( Bad hair! Why won’t it ever be nice to me?!

~Sighs~ Speaking of my husband, he is apparently listening to his new double disc Dane Cook CD in the living room. Every couple of seconds, I can hear him cracking up….even through the closed door of the den and the noisiness of this computer. I guess I will end my boring blog for today and go listen to my new early Valentine’s gift from my hubby. Promise not to make fun of me if I tell you what CD it is?

Ok,ok, I’ll tell you….It’s Selena Gomez’s latest CD. Yes…I admit it, at 27, I am still a sucker for some of the cutesy Disney shows and a few of their movies. I LOVE Wizards of Waverly Place and I LOVE Selena Gomez. I think she is awesome….so, don’t hate! : p

If it redeems me any, I WILL say…..I despise Miley Cyrus with a passion….although I DO like the lyrics to “The Climb”…they are great lyrics but I don’t think Miley has that great of a voice and I also think she is kind of annoying. I can’t believe my blog started at teleportation and is ending on Miley…WOW!

Good night to everyone who bothers to read my blog!


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