Since I already had a topic in mind yesterday, I decided to wait and do yesterday’s topic idea today.

Topic: Are you an optimist or a pessimist?.

I think I try hard to be an optimist but I struggle with being a pessimist…so I guess that makes me somewhere in the middle. You see, I tend to always think about the worst outcome in a situation and worry over it to death. It’s something I inherited from my dad, I suppose, just like my clutter problems. Why is it that if I have to inherit negative things? Wait…I probably inherited positive things too but there you go, my pessimism is speaking out!

My husband always teases me over always thinking the worst but I always rationalize it to myself by saying, If you think about the worst and something good happens instead, it’s a breath of fresh air, right? BUT if you always think  about only the best and the worst happens, then you get disappointed. So I guess it’s my way of protecting myself from disappointment and getting hurt.

My fears are not unfounded though. I have definitely had my fair share of heartbreak and pain and it tends to make you so used to that, you don’t ever expect anything good to come. Luckily, I have a lot of friends and family that are more of an optimistic personality than me and they help me see the good things in life.

Does it matter so much if I AM a shade more pessimistic, if overall I try really hard to not be? I think of a true pessimist as someone who ALWAYS is pessimistic and is so set in that that they don’t want to change. I’m not always pessimistic and I’m not always optimistic but I really try hard to find the good in every bad thing. I also believe everything happens for a reason. So what am I then?

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