Let’s see….The piece of technology that I couldn’t live without? Could it be anymore obvious? The computer! Without it, I would be unable to do this blog or communicate with friends and family all over the place practically anytime I want. I can honestly say that yes, I am addicted to the computer.

I’m not ashamed of it either. There are many things in life that probably would not have happened if I had never had a computer or access to one. In fact, I could easily write pages upon pages of what I have learned through having access to a computer. The most major life changing result of having a computer came through a social networking website called Myspace. I almost feel guilty that I betrayed it and left it officially for Facebook.

You see, for those of you who don’t already know, Myspace is responsible for bringing my husband into my life. I didn’t search for a guy on Myspace and in point of fact, I was actually seeing an ex at the time that I first saw him. You see, I was at a low point in my life and had just decided to let an ex who I had dated on and off again many times in the past, have one more chance. The same day, I got online to check my Myspace and I had a message for this guy. In the note, he told me he had found my page, thought I was cute and seemed nice, wanted to see if we could hang out sometime.

*Just a side note here: I do not endorse people meeting random guys or girls off of the computer because it CAN be dangerous. Just because I got lucky doesn’t mean that you will*

Anyways, his picture looked cute, his page showed we had common interests and he seemed sweet so I messaged him back. Later that day, we exchanged phone numbers online and talked on the phone for hours. He KNEW I was seeing my ex so I told him we could be friends basically. At the same time, I had an inner conflict going because this ex had broke my heart more times than I should have dealt with but in the past, I had loved him strongly, so I was giving him a chance. The problem was, my heart had had enough. It no longer could scrounge up anywhere near the same kind of affection I once held for this guy. He finally felt true love for me for the first time in years yet it was too late. You can’t force yourself to have feelings you just don’t have anymore and the new guy from Myspace gave me tingles. When I talked to him, my face was this big glow of happiness. I did the giddy little girl giggles and felt all warm inside. I started crushing hard on this new guy so I couldn’t help but want to meet him.

We met at the mall the very next day and from the moment I set eyes on him, my smile just wouldn’t fade. As we walked through the mall, I KNEW at that moment this was going to be my new man. When he looked at me, I actually felt that he thought I really WAS beautiful and cute and special and my heart couldn’t deny that this was stronger than any kindergarten crush.

I met his parents that same night and he asked me to be his girl and I wouldn’t say yes yet. I had business to deal with. I had to go home and call my ex and tell him that one day after I agreed to date him again, it was already over. It hurt him and I hated hurting people. I cried, not because I had feelings for him still, but because I hated having to hurt him now that I knew he actually did care for me. BUT I did. I let him go and I accepted Chad(the new guy) into my life. Six months later, he asked me to be his wife and I gladly accepted. We got married on the same day he proposed BUT a year later. July 19th, 2009.

I had many relationships end bad even when the guy supposedly loved me and wanted to be with me forever so I wanted to make sure this was right. That’s why we had the long engagement. It’s now been a little over a year and a half since our wedding day and I have no regrets. I am thankful for social networking sites for bringing my husband into my life. I won’t say there hasn’t been struggles but it’s all worth it.

Me and chad
Me and Chad, a couple months before he proposed
Our wedding day 🙂


  1. i’ll never forget ya’ll’s wedding, and how sweet it was. Or the night Chad wouldn’t even hang out here to play games with Trav cause you were sick. You got a one of a kind in pincher, you lucky little!


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