Do we really need Mondays? I mean it’s obvious no one likes them and I know I sound like a broken record here because I mentioned last Monday about people hating Mondays but why exactly do we?

Well, that’s a stupid question, I suppose because of course the reason is because you have this weekend where most of us get to rest and relax and take sort of a break and then Monday is the start of a new week of school or work, etc. It reminds you there is a whole other week before you get a weekend again. Even when Monday is on a holiday, there’s still that dreaded “It’s a Monday” feeling.

But is Monday really so bad, in retrospect?

Outside the window of this room that I am typing in, rain is falling to the ground. I can hear it hit against the window and the sound is soothing to me, almost hypnotizing me, lulling me to sleep. Rain is a lot like Mondays though. It might not have as many haters but it still resembles Mondays to me. After the rain is gone, there will be a rainbow. After Monday is gone, you’re one day closer to the weekend. After everything in life that you don’t look forward to or you dread, there comes a time of happiness, of something you DO look forward to.

So next time you wake up and ask yourself, “Is it Monday again?”, remind yourself that even though it’s the start of another long week, you got to push through that week to get to the end of it just like you push through all the other struggles in your life and once you make it through, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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  1. I actually don’t have a problem with Mondays and it’s not because i didn’t have to work today.It’s because Mondays are necessary, you NEED them to get to another weekend.Everyone has good days and weekends but they also have bad ones. I know we would all like to make the good times last but what about the good times you might have next weekend or in a month from now…Thats my thought on this…good blog Sharebear it really gets me thinking


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