Well, I am back home…and even though I did have a blog post yesterday, it felt very strange to not get on a computer and physically do one yesterday. I actually missed getting on here and doing a blog which shocks me because before this challenge started I enjoyed doing blogs but I never MISSED doing a blog post. I almost felt like I was breaking my promise because I didn’t physically log in to a computer and do one yesterday cause it was already pre done for me….like I was betraying my blog…for shame!

Anyways, now I am back home and again, it’s bittersweet. I missed my husband but not as much as I thought I would. Is that wrong to say? I mean, he was still in my mind and in my thoughts but I was worried I would be really down without him but it wasn’t too bad. I AM happy to see him again though BUT as always when I have to say bye to family, I miss my family and I miss Austin. I was born and raised there until I was almost 12 years old and no matter how long I live here in Lufkin, Austin will always feel like my home.

I had a lot of fun…other than having my foot stepped on by some random person at Gattitown…and my little toe hurts and is starting to turn a little purple. OUCH! It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t had flip flops on and the person had an actual shoe. I honestly do not know what shoe or if the person was male or female because I didn’t even turn around and look. I could just tell it was probably a tennis shoe or something of that nature by the feel of it and I screamed OWW and 5 seconds later heard an “I’m sorry” but I was trying not to say a bad word and just walked off. I was NOT a happy camper though….

I watched a few movies with family yesterday, all were totally different. We watched Patch Adams, which I thought I had seen years ago but I guess not cause nothing looked familiar to me. It was a cute movie….then last night we watched The Last Exorcism(which was STUPID and so glad I didn’t waste even a dollar renting it!) and I love you, man(which I had seen before and it’s hilarious). I think it was during Patch Adams that my 16 yr. old niece said she couldn’t remember how old I was cause she had stopped counting, to which I replied,”Thanks, way to make me feel older!” So I asked her how old did she think I was and she said she doesn’t know, maybe 24! And I was happy with that answer, I told her she can keep thinking I am 24, I would LOVE to say I am 3 years younger than what I am! Although there were some bad memories from 24, I think, so maybe 25 would be better cause I got married that year.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I have had 31 views on my blog so far today which is huge for me because the most I had gotten before then was 20. Apparently someone out there is reading my blog and I hope I am not letting them down. I HOPE my blogs are not boring and at least a little interesting but even so, I have fallen in love with doing my blog and I am shocked at that but also thrilled that I have grown so used to blogging every day this soon into my challenge. It sort of inspires me to think about coming up with other challenges for myself in other aspects of my life. If doing this blog for awhile gets me so hooked than maybe challenging myself in other ways will grow on me as well and help get my life to feel more satisfied all around.

I like what the daily post asked today for their idea to inspire you. They asked “What’s your favorite sound?” Mine is the sound of a baby laughing. It is the most wonderful, heart warming sound ever to me. Of course, I love babies in general anyways. I can not wait to hear my own babies laughing one day and their little coos and gibberish they speak. It’s just the cutest thing ever!

And now that I have officially driven you crazy with my own “gibberish” of sorts, I am off to catch up on my DVRed shows I missed!


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