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I am so NOT an early bird but here I am awake early because I am leaving soon for Austin! I love Austin but the trip will be bittersweet for me. It’s just going to be my mom and me going for the weekend so it will be the first time I am gone out of town on an overnight trip without my husband since we were married. I’m going to miss him. I mean, there will be a couple advantages, like not having to take smoke stops for him, but overall, I’m going to miss him. I’ve gotten so used to him being there every night before I go to sleep and seeing him in the morning. Guess I’m still kind of a newlywed even over a year and a half into marriage.

We act like an old married couple most of the time but I still love him and miss him just as much if not more than I always have…….

Oh yeah, I just remembered a couple of things I wanted to share with my blog from yesterday. One is that my DVR apparently has refused to DVR American Idol this season even though I had it scheduled for last night AND the night before. Everything else scheduled has taped EXCEPT it. I mean, I KNOW personally I was upset that Simon Cowell was gone from the show but now it seems that maybe my DVR was also upset and is going on strike. : (

Also, on last night’s episode of World’s Dumbest, I saw one of the craziest things that made me and my husband laugh. There was a lady doing a how to video on how to give your opossum a pedicure….Yea, you read that right!….Her opossum. She actually had one and was showing people how to take care of its nails and polish them AND it was letting her. It was hilarious to me how serious she was and I was like, “How many people actually have a pet opossum AND are out there sitting at home dying to know how to give it a pedicure?” Could there actually be someone else other than her? Heaven forbid!

Well, time for Mrs. Procrastinator to get busy finishing getting her stuff ready to go!

I hope everyone who reads this has a great Friday!


  1. Hey yea…I’ve always wanted to give my opossum a pedicure…who wouldn’t…I mean I guess I have to get an opossum first but If I had one I would so totally give it a pedicure. I mean how else is it going to feel pretty?


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