Challenge is on!

I refuse to call this challenge a resolution…others may look at like this anyway but to me, this is NOT a resolution. This is about challenging myself towards the ultimate goal of bettering myself.

I’m such a procrastinator, I always, always wait until the last minute to do things and then the final project is so much less than what it could have been. I also have lost faith in myself over the past year or so and have become anti-motivated to do…anything. I KNOW that what I have within myself is so much greater than what I show to this world but lack of motivation has kept me from trying anymore. Over the past couple weeks, I have seen some of my friends start blogs and vow to do them as a resolution….and I have seen a friend DARE another friend to blog everyday that they do one…and secretly, I started wishing that someone would dare me to do the same thing, thinking, maybe that would give me some motivation. Alas, no one did and no one has.

BUT seeing everyone all blog happy lately inspired me to start writing again so I did a day or two just for fun and then last night, I had my niece tell me that I inspired her to do a blog…and right after, I saw a post on the Word Press home page about Posting everyday or every week in 2011….and something clicked….

Because I was told by ONE person that by ME blogging, they were going to start a blog…I was inspired…Not sure if that sounds strange to anyone but inspiring others inspires me and I realized, “WHY do I need someone to challenge ME to write in my blog? WHY don’t I just challenge myself?” So I took my own challenge…after all, who is our greatest enemy, really, other than ourselves? I am suffering from a lack of faith in myself so what better way to gain back that faith than by proving to myself than I CAN stick to a schedule that I have never before been able to….

Forget the blogging every WEEK….Why not go big or go home, right?! I WILL blog EVERY DAY…I WILL fight the procrastinator inside me, I WILL do a blog everyday even if it’s just a small one for that particular day….and even if no one reads my blog, that’s ok because by 2012, I want to be able to say I wrote every day in my blog, I finally did something that I never before thought I would be able to do……and maybe along the way I will get motivated to challenge myself in other ways. 🙂

Day 1 of my Challenge has begun….

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