1/11/11- What a totally cool date today has! 🙂

News in my world: 3 days ago, my youngest niece I had (BEFORE I got married) turned the big 16 and at least me and my mom will be going to Austin next weekend to sort of celebrate it with her….I can remember her being born like it was just yesterday and it seems so incredibly surreal that she is now a sophomore and just turned sweet 16…where does the time go? It seems to go faster the older you get…does it continue like that from here on out?

I remember as a little kid when you had to wait for Christmas to come or your birthday or a special trip to an amusement park and the time seemed to drag on forever and ever and you thought that the fun would never arrive and now, looking back, it’s like the time went from this slow moving pace to a fast moving one….I’ve been told I walk slow sometimes but honestly….I am starting to realize how much of a good thing that can truly be…What is so wrong with taking things slower? Taking in the details around you instead of breezing by never seeing the world around you…..Maybe going slow ALL the time could be a bad thing at times but so is going too fast…I guess you have to keep this balance in life where you learn when to slow down and when to speed up, huh?

For all of those wanting to know about my mom and how she is doing since her surgery in November…she is pretty much the same. She is back home but pretty much stuck there for the most part because of the pain with her knee. She had a shot in it the other day and she said it made it feel worse but she got another shot in it today and the doctor told her sometimes it takes two before it gets better…So hopefully that works…keep her in your prayers……Also my Mother-in-law too, She has arthoscopic surgery next Wed., the 19th to help drain fluid off her knee. Seems like there’s a pattern going on here with me and my hubby’s mom’s…Let’s hope BOTH of them get better really soon.

My best friend Sandra is supposed to be getting induced to have a baby boy, her second child, tomorrow….Unless she has already gone in and I haven’t heard yet. She already has a beautiful little girl, about 1 1/2 named Kadence who is a cutie, so I am happy she will now have a little girl and a little boy. How wonderful!

And I also found out a few days ago that my niece Lydia is engaged to her man in the Marines…from what I have heard, he is her first love who she has dated off and on since middle school. That’s a very rare thing for someone to marry their first love and very special so I am really happy for her….My heart also breaks for her a little…She will be getting married sometime next month, just a small courthouse ceremony, before he goes off to Afghanistan for 9 months then a bigger ceremony when he returns. Being married now myself for a little over a year and a half, I can’t personally even imagine what it would be like to have gotten married and then be apart for such a long time. I don’t think I would honestly have the strength to do it, but I believe she will make it through. It will be a first to have a family member so close to me be married to someone overseas and if my niece reads this, I want her to know that I am so proud of her man for being brave enough to serve in the Marines and thankful of what he does. I will be here in Texas praying for his safety and for her as she goes through the time without him and I hope that all my Facebook friends will do so as well.

That is all I have to say for right now…hope whoever reads my blog enjoys seeing into my mind for a few minutes.

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