It’s been way too long since I have written in my blog…Doesn’t surprise me either. Every time I get into this creative mode, it seems to always last for such a short time and then…nothing.

Here’s to my first blog since April and here’s to me possibly keeping it up longer than I usually do. I don’t believe in resolutions because they never seem to last so let’s just call this a test run for the future…Will she or will she not continue?

So…the other day I was watching some black and white movies (a secret love of mine) and I got to thinking about why I love them so much. I’m living in 2011 now and all the movies are FULL of colors, special effects, good looking people and just something at every turn of your head to keep your attention…so why does an old fashioned movie with 2 colors, fake looking special effects(although they were cool back THEN), still some good looking people but oddly dressed compared to OUR time, entice me so?                              Well…not ALL of them can entice me but for the most part, if the premise, plot and dialogue are on point, then I’m hooked and that’s due, I believe, to some great actors and actresses. A lot of actors nowadays rely on looks and everything that’s going on around them to get your attention and you may not be as focused on their facial expressions and their acting skills. But, let’s face it, when you take away everything exciting going on around the characters, they HAVE to really sell you on the story through their face, their mannerisms, the way they stand, the way they move because every mistake will be so much more noticeable when all your focus is on them and not the bright colors and action going on around them.

But my love for Black and White movies can transcend into the way we look at everyday life. Are we so absorbed by all the superficial surroundings so much that we forget the basic things that make up the world? Are we too busy looking at the action around us that we fail to notice what a person’s face is really saying? When we turn off the lights at night, we are reduced to an old black and white movie…all the bright colors have gone away. When you come home and remove the nice clothing, the make-up, the facade, you are reduced to simply you…the true you that hides beneath the flashy exterior. If YOU had to live the rest of your life without all the superficial things you surround yourself with, could you do it?

Love it! ❤

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