We all as women have been there and we all can relate. Our media is overflowing with images of beautiful women with what seems to be perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect smiles, perfect everything and we all wish, if even in secret, to be just as beautiful as them. But what happens when the price of gaining beauty ends up leaving you feeling uglier than you felt before? When is trying to achieve beauty too high a price and no longer worth it?

I watched a new show on VH1 last night called “The Price of Beauty”. It’s hosted by Jessica Simpson…not sure what you may personally feel about Jessica Simpson. I think most people would agree she is aesthetically beautiful(meaning on the outside, she has a typical American beauty look)., so above all, to see that someone like her has insecurities about her own beauty is shocking to me and probably most people. BUT under the facade of most beautiful women out there are insecurities and that’s just a fact.

I tuned in to watch it because the premise of the show appealed to me. She travels to different countries to see what makes people from different cultures feel beautiful and I find that an interesting concept. So I tuned in….In the first show, she goes to Thailand and she meets with a correspondent which happens to be the host of Thailand’s Next Top Model. Geez, that show is everywhere! Anyways, the real grabber in the episode, and that could be pun intended, because it really grabbed a hold of my heart, was when they were in this central market place looking at some make-up. In Thailand, they have a lot of whitening and bleaching agents used in their make-ups to make their skin look as light as possible. To them, being tan is low class because it means you work out in the sun, so to feel beautiful, they try to achieve as light of skin as possible. Well, the FDA we have here doesn’t regulate their products and keep them safe so there can be horrible consequences that result from this make-up. They all head to meet and talk with this one woman who knows all too well about this. On her arms and her face, you can see the white blotches that reminded me of something similar to losing skin pigment, where this make-up literally caused her skin to start peeling off layers. This young lady used to be a singer in a bar, now she is too embarrassed to get in front of people. She was also married but when her skin started peeling off, her husband left her.

This story just touched my heart and caused tears to come to my eyes. How horrible that this woman, in her search for ultimate beauty, now has lost so much and feels less beautiful than she was to begin with. And it also makes me feel so guilty when I start to doubt my own beauty. And it makes me angry that women are made to put so much emphasis on outer beauty in this world. I wish I had a magic wand so priorities could be focused inside on the things that really matter, like a person’s inner beauty, their character. Because I sometimes feel so much is put on the outer beauty nowadays, that the inner beauty is being put on the back burner. Children are being raised to believe that to make it in this world, all you really need is good looks and that saddens me because you can be the most beautiful woman on the outside, but if your inside doesn’t match what’s on the outside, than to me, you are NOT beautiful.

I hope with all that is in me to teach my future children that true beauty lies on the inside and when you are beautiful on the inside and feel beautiful on the inside, then that beauty will radiate outside and give you a glow that no beauty regimen or program can ever equal and when your life comes to its end, you will be known not only for that light you shown outwards to others but also for being an incredibly beautiful person on the inside that inspired others through your actions and your character.

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