So this is me….This is the place I can put all my thoughts, ideas and emotions that are constantly running through my head.

Believe me, there have been a lot…Apparently, getting married does not lessen the thoughts either, not that I ever thought it would, I just never imagined that at this point in my life, I would be starting my own blog. And now that I sit here at my computer, typing away, looking at all these new technical aspects of blogging, I feel overwhelmed. BUT I have to keep typing because for the past few days, all these words have been running through my head saying sit down and write me down! It almost feels like my head will explode if I don’t do a blog and start telling my thoughts……

I have to admit something here…Ever since I was younger, I have felt overlooked. Obviously, I was there, walking around right in front of everyone, but yet I felt even when a person was listening to me, they were never really hearing me, truly getting what I was saying. I guess me blogging is a way for me to maybe get people to listen…..Listen to the real me that has always been there under this outward facade, but no one is really seeing me….they are only seeing this outward appearance that doesn’t define who I am, it just masks it.

Does everyone grow up wanting strongly to just be heard? To feel that they are important? That they truly matter in the big scheme of things? Sometimes I feel that I want this so much that if I am not heard, I will die one day with all these words wasted and flowing out of me as my last tear drops fall…..                  Did I mention I hate writing?….Yea, physically writing with a pen or pencil just drives me insane…..but something about typing on a keyboard feels like a great big release. Yet I know that getting my words out on paper or even in this blog will probably look like one great, big mess to you….I will never pretend to be a skilled, literary writer. My blogs may look just plain sloppy, but then again, maybe something in my thoughts will get out there to someone….maybe it will inspire, maybe it will make someone think, maybe it will just pass the time….whichever way it reads, I hope no matter what, that for once in my life I, Sharon Lynn Lane Hughes, can make myself heard.

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